How to watch a movie on your TV through your Android phone

How to watch a movie on your TV through your Android phone

Today's digital devices offer a wide range of possibilities for users. Thanks to new technologies, it is now possible to synchronize them with ease. Some smartphone owners have a question: how can I watch a movie on my TV through my Android phone? There are several ways to connect, each of which has its own characteristics.

What types of TVs you can connect your phone to

Not all televisions support pairing with Android device. Problems will not arise if modern models are used. This is due to the presence of all necessary functions and connectors for synchronization. In this case, the connection will take a few minutes and no additional equipment is required.

In order to broadcast the image on the big screen, newer functionality and interfaces are required. It's even easier with TVs that support Smart function, the manufacturers Provided the ability to synchronize with external devices and equipped them with Miracast technology. To connect to older TV receivers, you can use a variety of adapters, which can be purchased at any electronics store.

What you need to connect

To successfully connect Android to your TV, you need to make sure your TV supports at least one technology:

  • HDMI connector. Examine the back or side panel of the TV receiver where the special output should be located. It is usually labeled as such. To connect, you will need a special cord and a smartphone that supports streaming images via HDMI.
  • Wi-Fi is not available on all TV models, but only on newer ones. If you connect to the same network to which the phone is connected, there should be no problems. You can use the Android TV Box.
  • Bluetooth. Most modern models are equipped with a built-in BT module. If there is not, you can always buy a special adapter. In this case, the TV and Android should be no more than 5 meters away from each other.
  • USB port. Located on the TV body, you can make a connection using a standard cable that comes with the smartphone.

Even on TVs that do not support modern standards and are equipped with inputs for "tulip" can connect a smartphone.

5 ways to connect an Android phone to the TV

All methods are divided into two groups: wired and wireless. The first option includes HDMI and USB, the second - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Miracast. The most comfortable and fastest connection without wires, but not everyone will be able to use it.

Method 1: Via USB cable

How to watch a movie on your TV via Android phone via USB

Almost all phones and televisions are equipped with a USB port. You only need the appropriate cable for the connection. In order for the TV to see the smartphone, the cord must be fiber opticotherwise it will just charge the phone.

Then do the following steps:

  1. Turn off the TV and connect the cable to the connector.
  2. Connect the side of the cord with the Mini-USB plug to the smartphone. In the menu that appears, tap on the button "Turn on the USB flash drive".
  3. Turn on the TV, go to the connections menu and select USB output. The location of the signal sources varies from model to modelIt is therefore worthwhile to use the operating instructions.

Here we see an explorer with files and folders. Not all TVs will be able to recognize video files. They will only be able to play what they can "read". For example, movies in the .mkv format are often not compatible even with "smart" TVs. The problem lies in the audio tracks that are packed into the video file. They have non-standard codecs for the TV set.

There is one more nuance to consider when synchronizing devices in this way. The smartphone must have debugging enabled on the USB. As a rule, it can be turned on in its settings under "For developers" or in "Applications" and then "Development". But on many devices running Android version 4.2 and above, the available developer mode is hidden. To display it, do the following:

  1. Go to the main settings menu and select the "About smartphone" section.
  2. Find "Assembly number"and tap it six or seven times.
  3. Go back to the settings and see that the desired section appears.

The pluses of the USB connection include synchronization with all devices. There is no need to adjust the screen, and there are no problems with the sound signal, as it is played through the speakers of the phone. But online viewing in this case will not be available.

Method 2: Via Wi-Fi

How to connect an Android phone to the TV via Wi-Fi

To stream a movie from your smartphone to your TV screen via Wi-Fi, you need Smart TV only and a powerful smartphone based on Android version 4.0 or higher. This synchronization method has a number of advantages:

  • It does not limit the mobility of your smartphone. You can take it 20 or even 30 meters away from the TV, which will not affect the data transfer rate.
  • Minimal image and sound delay.
  • Connection is not complicated, requiring only a few manipulations. If you pair the devices once, they will do it automatically in the future.

The TV and smartphone must be connected to the same network point. To synchronize the technique, follow the algorithm:

  1. In Smart TV activate the wireless module. The method of enabling Wi-Fi may differ on different devices.
  2. On a mobile device Enabling Wi-Fi Direct. It can be located in the settings under "Wireless Connections" as well as in the notification panel or be a separate button. This depends on its model. It will start searching for available networks.
  3. In the TV, find a similar function and activate it. After the search process is complete, select the device model in the list. Confirm synchronization on both devices, if required.

This method provides not only a duplication of the picture, but also transmits a sound signal. All connectors remain free, so it is possible to connect additional peripherals: keyboard, mouse and gamepad.

Method 3: Via HDMI cable

How to watch a movie on your Android phone

Many modern televisions are equipped with a digital HDMI connector, through which it is possible to transmit audio signals and images in high quality. Some mobile gadgets are also equipped with the appropriate output - Mini HDMI, but they are quite difficult to find. Mostly you need to buy a special adapter Mini USB - HDMI.

  1. Connect the devices using a cable and adapter. The phone can remain on and the TV off.
  2. Turn on the TV, go to the menu and select the appropriate connector in the list of signal sources. Some models have several HDMI outputs at once.

The image transmission appears immediately, usually no additional settings are required. But sometimes there are problems with the sound transmission, this is solved with the settings, but it is not always clear what the problem is. Therefore, it is better to disconnect the devices, and then reconnect them and do the same thing.

If the automatic image adjustment did not happen, you need to manually change the settings to match the resolution of the TV screen size.

How to know if your Android supports MHL

MHL, or Mobile High-Definition Link, is a technology that combines the properties of the digital HDMI port and micro USB. The quality of the transmitted picture is high, but not all mobile devices have this feature. Usually manufacturers include support on flagship and mid-range models (more expensive than $250).

To find out whether a certain model of phone supports MHL, you can visit the official website, which provides a list of devices with the technology.

Checker for MHL (HDMI)
Checker for MHL (HDMI)
Developer: ppgirl
Price: Free

Another option is to download a special application from the Google Play store called "Checker for MHL." It is available as a free download. Once it is installed, run it and press the "Check MHL" button. It accurately detects the model of the smartphone as well as its ability to recognize the function.

Method 4: Via Bluetooth

Connecting an Android smartphone to the TV via bluetooth

Wireless synchronization is also possible via Bluetooth. If in Smart TV module is not built in, you can buy an external adapter, which is inserted into the USB connector. To connect your phone, you need to download an app to control the TV. Then follow the instructions:

  1. Activate Bluetooth on both devices.
  2. Launch the application, choose to check for available connections.
  3. Pairing.

Now you can just turn on the video content on your phone, and the picture will be duplicated on the big screen in high quality.

Method 5: Via Miracast

How to connect an Android phone to the TV via Miracast

The technology allows you to connect your phone to the TV wirelessly. The picture is duplicated in maximum resolution. The function is supported by only Smart TVbut no additional equipment or access points are required for synchronization.

To activate the connection through screen mirroring technology, do the following

  1. Connect to the wireless network, activate the Miracast function on your smartphone. It should be in the settings in the menu section "Connections" - "Other networks".
  2. Turn on the same function in Smart TV. It is usually defined in the networks menu.
  3. In the list of found devices on the phone screen you should see the name of the TV model. Press it to start the connection.

When the big screen duplicates the picture from the cell phone, it means that the process was successful. In the other case, you need to try all the steps again.

Video tutorial

With the advent of new technologies and developments, the user is able to use gadgets for many purposes. Before you connect your Android phone to watch a movie on your TV, you should make sure to necessary interfaces and modern featureswhich provide synchronization. With the right and unhurried actions, you can enjoy the quality picture and sound of your favorite movie on the big screen.