How to change IMEI on Android

How to change IMEI on Android

IMEI is a special cipher, written at the program level of the device. Sometimes, while reflashing the Android, this data can be erased. And the worst thing is that after this procedure the smartphone will perform all functions except one - call in. Below we will tell you how to change IMEI on Android.

How to find out your phone IMEI

First, you need to find out the IMEI. To do this you will have to dial a simple combination of *#06# and press the call button. After that, the screen will display a numeric code or several codes if your smartphone has two SIM cards.

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How to change IMEI on Android via the engineering menu

How to change IMEI on Android via the engineering menu

The combination that is dialed for the engineering menu will be different on each device. In order to find out which one is on a particular phone, it is better to study all kinds of documentsThe following are the intended use of this model.

How to enter the engineering menu

To get into it is not easy, because first you have to enter a special command, which will open the menu. But it should be understood that not all devices have this option, it all depends on the phone itself, as well as on the version of the firmware.

*#*#3646633#*#* is the most common command to enter such a menu. But there are smartphones in which such variants work as well: *#15963#* and *#*#4636#*#*.

After the code is entered, the menu appears without any additional functions. But sometimes, on older smartphones, you need to press the call key. Well, if you still can't get anything on the screen, then use the method described below.

Mobileuncle MTK Tools & ToolHero

"Mobileuncle MTK Tools 2.4.0" is the program you will need. It works only on MTK processors. How to know what kind of processor you have? - Google help!

This application is needed in order to start the engineering menu without the special set of symbols described above.

MTK Engineering Menu

MTK Engineering Menu Shortcut
MTK Engineering Menu Shortcut
Developer: Go!
Price: Free

With this program you get to a menu that allows you to configure absolutely everything on your smartphone. To do this you just need to go to the tab "Engineer Mode".Please note that it may require root rights!

What to do after entering the engineering menu

"The last item will open one or two sections, then press "Radio information", which is the path you will have to take after you enter the special menu. The last item will open one or two sections. This number depends directly on the number of SIM cards on the device.

Go to "Phone 1.", then enter after the combination of AT+ this combination: EGMR=1.7 - "the place where the new IMEI is located". The latter, namely the IMEI, is usually written either on the packaging or under the battery, so it is better to find it beforehand. All commands will be made with the "SEND AT COMMAND".

If you have an Android with two SIM cards, do the same.

Changing IMEI on Android 7.0 (8.0) via Farmaroot

Also a worthy application that also serves as a great tool for zip archives. You can download it from Google Play without any problems, but to work Super user rights are required. If you already have them, the procedure is extremely easy for you:

  1. After installation, open the program;
  2. The main home page appears, where we select Install SuperSU;
  3. And now in the window that appears, just select the rooting method;
  4. Reboot the smartphone. Done. As you can see, very fast, easy and efficient.

How to change IMEI on Samsung Android

How to change IMEI on Samsung Android

Contrary to the popular belief that the phones of popular brands, mainly Samsung, has a completely different system of changing IMEI, we can safely say that there are no innovations. If you own a Samsung, you can use the above methods without any problems.

Of course, the combination to enter the engineering menu is different, but again, on each smartphone it is individual. Please note that users who have budget and outdated models of Samsung, often face the inability to change the name without the help of third-party applications, but the owners of flagships do not have anything to worry about.

Video tutorial

To do this, don't download programs that you don't know, especially from unverified sources. And also let the Android update automatically. This will save you from having to reflash and further problems with the IMEI.

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