How to update the Play Store on Android

Android is the system installed on most smartphones. Usually there is a built-in Google Play (or Play Market) store on such a device. There you can get a variety of applications, games, and programs for your gadget, either for free or for a fee.

But sometimes users notice that they can't install new applications or update the ones they've already installed. The reason may be hidden in an unupdated store. Below we will find out how to update it to the latest version.

Actually, if the store app was installed by the factory, you don't need to update it. To be more precise, you do, but the device does it on its own without your help. You have probably noticed many times how the store changes and becomes slightly different.

Automatically update Google Play

How to update the Play Store on AndroidAll confident users of Android devices are well aware that their smartphones running this OS consume a lot of Internet traffic. And that's because they are constantly trying to update something in automatic mode.

This means only one thing - such smartphones will always run only the latest, fresh programs and system. This is true if automatic updates are enabled and the device itself has access to the Internet.

How to manually update Play Market

How to manually update Play MarketBut if the store does not work, you almost certainly need to update it. To make sure, go to "Settings" and then click on the "Build Version" tab.

In response to your request, Play Market will start updating to the latest version, and you, in turn, will become the happy owner of a fully operational system.

But in rare cases it still happens that after asking for the build version, the program shows the latest updates. You have to believe the clever application and look for the cause elsewhere. This can be if you installed the program yourself.

This is most often the case if the device purchased was not automatically with this store. Then it had to be downloaded separately. Usually this is done from third-party resources.

An alternative could be some other application store. In this case, you can update the program only manually, using special services, where such programs are posted. Only there you will find the latest version of Play Market.