How to clear the cache on Android

How to clear RAM (cache) on Android

This article is an expanded supplement to the main article, which covers several common cleaning methods on different fragments of memory. I would like to start with the fact that RAM is a very important indicator of the device and its presence affects performance.

If it is not enough, the smartphone or tablet will work poorly, to put it mildly, so to speak, hanging up at every stage. Lack of it leads to the fact that the owner can not use applications with high requirements, they simply will not run. Which means that you have to figure out how to clear RAM on Android in just a couple of clicks.

How to clear RAM on Android

You don't need any additional applications to get your RAM cleared. Although many people recommend Download third-party software from Google PlayWe advise you not to litter your phone with unnecessary garbage.

The entire cleaning process takes about 10-15 seconds with the built-in tool. It is originally designed to improve the performance of this system and clean the device's cache.

With the settings

The most popular utility at the momentIt can not only clean the device from unnecessary garbage, but also acts as a good built-in antivirus. Cleans up junk files-duplicates, speeds up applications by up to 30 percent.

In hot weather or with high loads you can easily cool the processorby closing the heaviest programs, which the Master will specifically identify. Also features a battery saver functionBut, of course, if you, for example, play heavy games for several hours - it will be of no use.

SM Security

Simple and small applicationBut it has a fairly useful functionality. It blocks the least necessary programs, searches for your phone in case of theft or loss, disables unwanted calls.  Of course, there are dozens of such programs, but we have listed only two of the highest quality and fastest. But we are sure that in Google Play everyone will find an application to their liking.

These simple and quick ways will help make the work with your Android device as comfortable as possible, and hangs, slowdowns, forced reboots will be a thing of the past.