How to turn off public notification on Android

How to turn off public notification on Android

More and more often Android device owners have become confronted with broadcast messages. And you can't just get rid of them. Usually you have to delete them for a long time, but after that they still come to the device like an avalanche. As a result, such "surprises" put not only the owner of the device on the verge of madness, but also the smartphone itself begins to slow down terribly.

Three ways to disable public notification on Android

Don't get upset if you think you'll never be able to delete such messages. However, in order to get rid of numerous spam messages, you should do the following actions.

Method 1: Disable Push Mailing

How to turn off public notification on Android

The first place to start is to find the "Messages" icon on the desktop and click on it. Once there, look for "Options" or "Settings". When you open the found menu, you should select the section "Informational messagesThe "Push messages", or "Network messages" on some devices may be called "Push messages". Next, after unchecking all the boxes, you have to reboot your smartphone.

Method 2: Removing spam from informational messages

Remove spam from Android

Go to "Messages" and look for "Options" or "Settings". Then go to the found menu and look for "SMS/MMS settings". Then go to "Information message settings". In the same way, remove all the checkboxes and reboot the device.

Method 3: Turning off the public address function

Turning off the public address function

Go to "Settings", and then look for the section with wireless networks. After that, click on "More". In the menu that appears, look for the section that would be responsible for notification of the population. Uncheck all the boxes and reboot the device.

Of course, if these methods are too complicated for you, you can try to block messages using Titanium or CDMaid (root). You can also go to a cell phone shop and disable the mailing list there.

It is worth noting that for each device, as practice shows, there is always some kind of universal solution. This solution sometimes requires patience and some time from the owner. Above, we described some of the most common ways to disable such mailings, and hope that we were able to help. There is also a possibility that your smartphone is infected with a virus program, to find out if this is the case, read our article about How to check Android for viruses. If you have a way of doing things that is not described in this article, we would love to hear about it and share it with other users.