How to disable T9 on Android 8.0

How to disable T9 on your Android phone

Almost all models of modern smartphones have a built-in T9 function. It is enabled by default, which is not to the liking of all gadget owners. That's why many people wonder how to disable T9 on Android 8.0 and above, if the option only interferes?

What is T9 and why turn it off

T9 is a system that allows you to type with minimal use of the keyboard keys. It was developed for the first cell phones. It makes typing on the QWERTY keyboard much easier. The system works on the principle of selecting words from its dictionary, taking into account the keys used and their number.

Despite the convenience, the function often fails the owner of the gadget, replacing after putting a dot or a space the desired word. In this regard, you have to rewrite it or apologize for the message sent.

Step-by-step instructions on how to disable T9 on Android 8

There are two universal ways to disable T9 for all Android smartphones:

  • through the system settings;
  • using the keypad menu.

Method 1: Through the system settings

How to disable T9 on Android 8

The use of this method is as follows:

  • Go to the settings on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Locate the Language and Input option. On some models, you may have to do some searching.
  • Select the keyboard used by the device. The name appears in the "Default Keyboard" line.
  • In the menu that opens, find the T9 item. On some models with Android 7.0 and the above function has another name - autocorrect, auto-replacement, correction options, and so on.
  • Deactivate the function by moving the slider to the desired position or by selecting the appropriate menu item.

This manual is suitable for most models of smartphones of famous brands, such as: Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, Honor, Asus and so on.

If you were unable to disable the T9 mode using the method described above, do not despair. It is possible that your device is using an application as a keyboard.

Method 2: Through the keyboard (SwiftKey)

How to disable auto-fix on Android 8

This method is suitable both for the system keyboard and for a specially downloaded application. To disable the T9 dictionary on the SwiftKey keyboard, follow these steps:

  1. Run it.
  2. Call up the settings menu by clicking the plus sign in the left corner of the top bar.
  3. In the menu that appears, select the gear icon.
  4. Uncheck the "Auto Repair" checkbox.

After that, T9 will be disabled. When using other keyboards, the principle will be similar. The only difference is the location of the menu call button and the name of the word replacement function.

Deactivating mode on different phone models

The principle of disabling auto-correction is similar for all smartphone models, but on some models it will look a little different. Let's take a closer look at an example:

  • Xiaomi;
  • Huawei and Honor;
  • Samsung;
  • Meizu;
  • Asus;
  • Lenovo.


The devices of this company have their own MIUI shell. To deactivate the T9 mode on them after starting the system settings, select the following items step by step:

  1. Advanced settings.
  2. Language and input.
  3. The default keyboard. The name is listed under "Current Keyboard".
  4. Text correction.

Now all that's left in the menu that opens is to disable the "Prompt words" option. The instructions are relevant for devices using Android 7 and above. On earlier versions the names of some items may be different.

Huawei and Honor

On the smartphones of this brand the instruction to disable T9 through the system settings is as follows:

  • system;
  • Language and input;
  • keyboard;
  • Entry;
  • Enter and auto-correct, where you have to move the slider to the left to deactivate the option.


On devices from this company, disabling the mode is practically the same as on Huawei or Honor. The only difference is the name of the option. So in some models it is called "Patch Option". To disable it, select "Never offer" from the suggested options.


Meizu smartphones, like Xiaomi, have their own shell - Flyme. In the system settings, the T9 mode is disabled on them by selecting items:

  1. Language, Time, Keyboard.
  2. TouchPal.
  3. Smart Engizu.
  4. Curve - Enter words with a stroke. The function is deactivated when the checkbox is removed.


Asus phones can slightly confuse their owner, because the T9 mode there is cleverly disguised and it is not immediately possible to find it. So where to turn off this option?

And it is hidden in the item "Suggest words". You can also get there from the system settings by following steps 2,3 of the instructions for Xiaomi smartphones after logging in. Next, select "Suggest words" - "Never Suggest".


To disable T9 mode on Lenovo devices, follow the instructions for Samsung smartphones. The actions are absolutely identical, even the names are the same word for word.

Turning off T9 in WhatsApp and Viber

Messengers such as Viber or WhatsApp adhere to the system settings. That is, if T9 mode is disabled on your device, they will not offer automatic replacement of typed words. Otherwise, you can disable T9 directly in the messages of a particular application. This happens as follows:

  1. Tap on the text input field and the keyboard will open.
  2. In the line with the options for autocomplete words, find the settings icon or the menu button. It usually looks like an arrow or a plus sign.
  3. Remove the check mark from the corresponding item.

Answers to popular questions

Now you know that disabling T9 mode on Android is quite easy. If necessary, you can easily disable it yourself.