How to open a ZIP archive on Android

Archives are quite a useful thing, helping to compress a large amount of information and easily transfer it, for example, to another user. On a personal computer to work with files of this type there are all the necessary programs, but how to open a zip-archive on Android, because the phone is not originally predisposed to it? Let's look at all available ways and applications.

Types of archives

The most common are undoubtedly zip and rar archives. They have the advantage of ease of use and good basic functionality. A lot of Android programs work easily with these file resolutions, so opening a zip file is fast and easy. There are also such archives:

  • 7-Zip
  • CAB
  • GZip
  • ACE
  • ARJ
  • UUE

And this is only a small part. In fact, the list is much more extensive, but it is the above ones that are used the most. There are no problems with them on the PC, but opening them on Android sometimes causes difficulties, so the best option is to use only popular permissions: 7-Zip, zip and rar archives.

How to open a ZIP archive on Android - 4 applications

How to open a ZIP archive on Android with appsAfter getting acquainted with the types of archives, users wonder which application is the best to open them. Our site has selected the most high-quality and effective applications.

Programs are divided into two types: archivers and explorers. Explorers are usually loaded with a lot of options, recognize even rare formats, ways to communicate directly with cloud storage, but they require good technical knowledge to work with them. Whereas ordinary archivers perform only two functions: compression and decompression. If you are a beginner, the latter option is preferable.

Andro Zip

AndroZip™ Pro File Manager
AndroZip™ Pro File Manager
Developer: AVG Labs
Price: 59,00 ₽

The best app that came out in 2009 and performs its main functions flawlessly. Works with a large number of files, can delete, move, copy, open and compress archives. In addition, it has a built-in task manager, backs up applications. The program easily sends archives to e-mail to other users, which is very convenient when the size of the information is large.

Performs standard encryption, 256-bit and 128-bit AES encryption. Archiving, unfortunately, can only be performed in ZIP, TAR, GZIP formats. Otherwise, the application is almost perfect.

ES File Explorer

ES Guide
ES Guide
Developer: ES Global
Price: Free

An application distinguished by its simplicity, clear interface and a small number of necessary options. It is free, but has a lot of ads, which cannot be disabled due to the lack of a premium version.

It only decompresses zip files, but opens almost all available formats. It does not take the lead in the list of archivers, but it is considered an excellent file manager and explorer.


7Zipper - file explorer
7Zipper - file explorer
Developer: PolarBear soft
Price: Free

Great for beginners who have a minimal level of technical knowledge and are just beginning to learn the work and nuances of the Android operating system. Based on the name, we see that the program can open 7z-archives without problems, so you can no longer worry than to unpack such formats on Android.

The program also knows how to back up documentswithout requiring the presence of root rights. Like all of the above applications, it is downloaded from Google Play, installed in two clicks, and works completely free of charge.

Has a few more useful options:

  • Cleaning cache of different applications, deleting duplicate files;
  • Shows information about the system (CPU, amount of free and busy RAM, external memory, battery operation and charge, available Wi-Fi networks);
  • Determines the amount of free and occupied space on the SD card;
  • Opens images with ease, even supports Gif-formats.

Easy Unrar FREE

Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip
Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip
Developer: RbigSoft
Price: Free

Another worthy program with an easy and clear interface, coping well with its main task. Has a set of basic options: unzip, compress, zip, and read documents. Also shows the folders of located zip files in Android. There is also a paid version, which expands the functionality, removing annoying advertising.

How to open archives with a password

Here it only seems like a long and complicated process. In fact, the whole operation is quite simple:

  1. Choose one of the above applications;
  2. After downloading and installing it, open it;
  3. We click "unpack" like any other archive. And we are simply asked for a password, after entering which we get all the necessary materials in the public domain.

Open without the help of third-party applications

Working with archives without the use of special programs is impossible. Some phones already have preinstalled file managers that help you work with both normal files and archive documents.

The most common explorer is ES File, which we talked about above. It is already present in many smartphones, allowing the user to perform the necessary actions with any kind of archives without too much hassle.

Answers to popular questions

Q: I can't unzip, what should I do?
Try activate developer mode on your smartphone, clear the RAM, free up some internal memory. This happens most often due to excessive load and contamination of the operating system. If it does not help, use another application, or reinstall the current one.

Q: Does Andro Zip support handling GZIP files?
Yes, it does, but you can't archive to this resolution with this program.

Question: Can I use third-party apps on Android to make multi-volume archives?
Yes, most programs have this feature. You need to transfer a large archive to another user via e-mail.

Q: What is the acceptable size for an archive to be in one piece and not sent in pieces?
It depends on the particular email. The most common limit is no more than 10-20 megabytes.

As you can see, opening zip and other archives on Android is quite a simple procedure that does not require complicated technical knowledge. The only thing you need is find the right application, and learn how to work with it properly. Good luck!