How to transfer iPhone contacts to Android

How to transfer iPhone contacts to Android

Apple smartphones are very popular in today's world, but Android phones are not lagging behind. And so when switching to a new device, the user is faced with small difficulties, for example - the transfer of the phone book. Doing it manually is long and difficult, but not everyone knows how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android automatically, without wasting time and effort.

What you will need for the transfer

There are quite a few methods using various auxiliary programs and services. But the prerequisite - is to have an account Google and account Apple ID. In many cases, we will also need access to a PC, because through it a quality transfer of contacts is also possible.

Tip: Don't forget to always turn on contact synchronizationThis will prevent further loss of important numbers and problems with porting.

Also, install a generic email, such as myMail, on your device. Named mail does not always allow operations on "competitive" operating systems.

7 ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

Once the preparations are complete, let's get started. We recommend that you carefully consider the options presented and choose the most appropriate one for you.

Please note that some of the ways to may not work on outdated products Apple in 2018: these are mostly the iPhone 5, 5S and 6. Then try the others.

Via Gmail

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android via Gmail

This is the best and easiest option, suitable for all Android users. Here we go:

  1. Taking your iPhone, looking for settings shortcut, transition;
  2. Open the list of functions iCloud and uncheck the box "Synchronizing Contacts".
  3. Now in the same settings add an account Google. If it does not exist - create a new one, if there is - just enter your username and password.
  4. Check what data you want to copy, click "Next.".
  5. We take an Android smartphone, we also go to "Settings." - "General." - "Synchronization and Accounts".
  6. Activate the automatic synchronization of information, add your Google account and enter the data. Done. Now in the future, all contacts will be synchronized with Google and stored in

The phone book is copied in its entirety, so repetitive numbers will have to be deleted manually, and this is the only drawback. Otherwise, this method is great.

Via computer

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android via computer

  1. Here we only need access to a computer and an iPhone. Open the official website iCloud in the browser, enter your Apple ID information. Go to "Contacts.", select all numbers using the key combination и Ctrl.
  2. Next, click on pinion image, that is, open a small settings menu, where you select "Carry out exports.".
  3. Starts downloading a VCF resolution file, it contains absolutely all the numbers. Agree, it's pretty convenient to get one archive.
  4. Now we transfer the same file to the Android device. Open the app there "Contacts." or "Phone Book.", click on "Import." and specify the path to the downloaded archive. Choose a place to unload (preferably phone memory), and click "Next.".

If you do not have access to a PC, you can try to transfer contacts without a PC, using copying via iCloud. The procedure is similar, only the site is opened in the mobile browser, installed by default. The file will be downloaded by the built-in mobile downloader.

Via iTunes

How to transfer iPhone contacts to Android via iTunes

And here you just can't do without a computer, there is no alternative, alas. Let's go:

  1. Installing on a PC official program iTunes;
  2. Connect the phone via USB and, if necessary, download the necessary drivers so that the phone is recognized by the system.
  3. Go to our utility, find the connected device.
  4. Click on the tab that appears "Information", check the box next to "Contacts: Synchronization".
  5. Next, select Google and enter your account information.
  6. Confirm the transfer by clicking on the button "OK.". So we transferred the contacts easily and easily through iTunes.

Via Bluetooth

Unfortunately, the iPhone does not allow you to send contacts via bluetooth, as it does in Android. If you need to Transfer numbers from Android to Android - here there will be no problem with Bluetooth, but our case is quite different. Therefore, we skip this point and move on.

Via Yandex.Disk (Moving)

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android via Yandex Disk

The Russian giant Yandex has released its special tool called "Yandex.Moving.", which has a lot of useful features that help when switching to another device.

  1. First of all, on your iPhone you create a Yandex account in the "Mail, Addresses, Calendars.
  2. Install Yandex.Disk, if it is missing.
  3. Open the downloaded program, log in, and we are prompted to transfer our data to the cloud storage.
  4. We agree.
  5. And now we just go to our cloud on Android and take our contacts from there.

Through the Phone Book

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to android via phonebook

If you don't have many contacts, and you don't want to bother with installing third-party applications or connecting to a PC, you can try to reset the numbers manually. It's quite simple and relatively fast.

Open the list of contacts on your iPhone, mark the one you want to send, go to the bottom of the page and tap "Share Contact". We choose how we want to transmit to the Android device. It can be either an SMS or an e-mail message.

We take the second phone and get the contact sent to us. Now you can use it freely. Usually it is not possible to transfer all the desired contacts at once, so repeat this procedure several times for each number.

Via Outlook

Export contacts from iPhone to Android via Outlook

Also a good option, or rather an alternative to Google. If you don't want to use a Google account, you can take a closer look at this email service. The entire transfer procedure is the same as for other servicesbut let's look at the step-by-step instructions:

  1. On the iPhone, go to "Settings.", then open the section "Mail, Addresses, Calendars.";
  2. Click on the caption "Add an account";
  3. This takes us to a new menu where you are prompted to select a mail service. Click "com";
  4. Enter your email address and password, field "Description." do not touch it. Or register from scratch.
  5. Now determine which data will be synchronized. To choose from: "Post.", "Calendars.", "Contacts.", "Reminders.". Check the box next to the contacts.
  6. Now we do the same procedure on the phone under Pass authorization and also enable synchronization. The contacts copied from the iPhone will appear on the smartphone. It's done.

Via SIM card

Transferring contacts from iPhone to android phone via sim card

This is the most basic, familiar, but, alas, outdated option. A SIM card can easily be lost or damaged, and then you will lose absolutely all important contacts. But if none of the above methods are suitable, still take a closer look at this one.

But notice this: officially IOS does not support transferring contacts from phone to SIM card! To do this, we use a great app SIManager.

It requires an unlocked Jailbreak to work.

There is a limit to the number of characters, symbols and contacts, but this, unfortunately, you will have to deal with any copying to the sim. The tool is completely free, although with ads. As soon as the numbers are transferred to the SIM-card, insert it in the Android device and feel free to use it.

2 ways to move contacts through apps

Don't forget that there are also special programs that allow you to export numbers in a few clicks. Of course, they take up additional space, but if you do not have problems with its shortage - you can try. Let's look at the simplest and most convenient applications.

My Contacts Backup

A very popular utility that has surpassed the competition due to its ease of use, intuitive interface, and accessibility. We download the application through the Apple Store, launch it, and provide access to our contacts.

Press the button "Backup". Almost instantly the backup starts, after which we select the file with vCard resolution. This format is recognized by almost all phones. As soon as we get the file, we send it, for example, to our mailbox installed on the Android.

Import numbers should be done automatically, or do it manually through the application "Contacts.".


QikShare - Share Anything
QikShare - Share Anything
Developer: iVinny
Price: Free+

Another good program for transferring. To do the manipulation, download the application to both the iPhone and the Android smartphone at the same time. Run it and enable geolocation detection, so the programs connect to each other.

Now select the icon to transfer contacts, select the necessary contacts and confirm the transfer. We get the numbers and import them into the Phonebook.

How to transfer contacts if iPhone doesn't work

This situation is quite common for many users. The iPhone has stopped working, the repair is irrelevant, because you have purchased a great Android device, but now how to transfer the necessary contacts to it?

Most of the above methods are useless on a non-working phone, but do not get upset. There is a way out, and it's cloud storage iCloud. The thing is that when synchronization is enabled, all contacts from iPhone are already stored in it, and our job is just to transfer them to Android, as specified in the sub-item of the same name.

Step by step video instruction

In order not to get lost in a series of intricate and often similar actions, we recommend reading our detailed video. After all, visually the information is perceived much better and more clearly, and especially the various manipulations with the devices. Unfortunately, it is not possible to fit all of the above methods into the video, but the basic instructions will be presented.

As you can see, to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android smartphone is quite simple, there are a huge number of methods and different programs. Choose the most suitable for you! Good luck!