How to charge your Android phone properly

How to charge your Android phone properly

Most modern smartphones come with a built-in battery, so users have begun to pay special attention to how to properly charge the Android phone. After all, the condition of the battery directly affects the life of the device and its usability. Let's take a look at some helpful tipsThe following are some of the most important features that you can use to significantly reduce the frequency of your phone's charging.

Types of batteries for your phone

Types of rechargeable batteries for your phone

Today, a large variety of batteries are produced. Some of them are compact, while others are resistant to the environment. It is important to know what type of battery is installed on your smartphone. Charging recommendations will directly depend on this. Below are the most popular types of batteries found in mobile devices today:

  • Nickel-metal hydride. It was especially popular in the era of push-button phones. It is characterized by high resistance to temperature and humiditybut has a low capacity and a large thickness. Of the disadvantages we can note the memory effect (the need for a full discharge), which significantly degrades the battery life.
  • Nickel-cadmium. Most common in large machines at the beginning of the 21st century. It has a low production cost and high capacity. Usually installed on budget devices with little functionality.
  • Lithium-ion. Installed on all modern smartphones and tablets. It is extremely popular due to small sizeThe first time it was introduced in a Samsung device, it is a very reliable and low-maintenance solution. It was first introduced in Samsung devices. From the disadvantages we can highlight poor performance during frost and strong heat.
  • Lithium polymer. It has a high energy capacity, while having a low cost of production. It is based on the use of lithium salts and a polymer electrolyte. This composition makes it possible to create accumulators of various shapes and sizes.

If you have a Honore or Xiaomi smartphone in your hands, you can be sure that it has Li-Ion or Li-pol batteries. The same is true of the other manufacturers - all of them have also switched to the new format power supplies.

How to charge an Android battery properly

How to charge a new Android phone battery properly

In general, charging the battery on your Android phone is simple enough. Many people mistakenly believe that it is enough to plug the cable into the connector and go to sleep. In fact that's what 99% users do. However, 1% knows and applies the useful tips below.

The first charging of a new phone

Let's face the important truth - you need to take care of the battery from the moment you buy the device. It is the way in which the Charging for the first timewill affect its further autonomy in operation.

  1. First of all, the new smartphone is subject to fully discharged. You need to bring it to a state where the device will not respond to the power button or will show the charging notification on a black background. After that, leave the gadget for a while without using it.
  2. Then plug in the charger and charge the phone. This process usually takes 2-5 hoursbut sometimes it takes half a day. Do not pull out the plug immediately after charging is complete.
  3. You can completely disconnect the cable from the power supply after 3-4 hours of 100% charging.

When using nickel batteries, the procedure should be repeated 2-3 times. It is also recommended for these batteries calibrate 1-2 times a month. This process can be helped by the Battery Doctor app, which is installed for free from the Google Play.

As you can see, it's not difficult to charge your new smartphone properly. It is important to do this step completely according to the instructions, otherwise the life of the power supply may be reduced.

Charge up to a year of operation

Many users begin to ignore the rules for charging when the smartphone is no longer new. However, to do so strongly discouraged. It is important to take regular care of the battery and follow the following charging algorithm.

Now some people will be surprised, but the percentage of charge in lithium-ion batteries should be kept within 40-80%. If in the case of a new smartphone it took almost a whole day to charge it, then in the subsequent use of so much time should not be spent.

Short recharge cycles at intervals of 30-40 minutes. It is also recommended that the battery be completely drained once a month and then charged to 100%. This preventive maintenance will have a positive effect on the condition of the battery.

Charging after a year of use

About a year after you buy your smartphone, you will see a noticeable decrease in working autonomy. Every second user faces this problem. To avoid it, you should charge not only a new phone, but also a device with a certain period of use.

It is important to use the original cable and power supply. If these accessories are broken, it is advisable to buy new ones only from a specialised store, or from trusted online retailers such as Aliexpress. Try to keep the battery capacity within 50% and do not leave the device unattended when charging. This is especially true for overnight charging - it's best to give it up.

How to prolong the life of your smartphone battery

How to prolong the life of your Android smartphone battery

With proper care, it is possible to increase the life of the battery by 6-12 months. It is important only to follow simple rules, which will soon become a habit. Here are the main ones.

How much to charge your phone

It is difficult to establish the total charging time of a smartphone. This indicator directly depends on the model in question and the battery capacity. Also the current in the power supply plays an important role. If it will be 2 Amps, then accordingly the device will gain 100% faster than with the current strength of 1 Amp.

Usually you need to charge your smartphone 1-3 hours. It is not recommended to fill the battery completely. It is better to make small recharge cycles and maintain the capacity within 50 %.

Do not use a computer USB

When charging the phone through the computer, too little current is supplied, which negatively affects the battery condition. Also some voltage spikes are possible, which can lead to complete failure of the smartphone.

Of course, we should not forget about viruses. At USB connection Trojan programs can infiltrate your smartphone system, leading to personal data leakage or device damage. You should be especially careful when using someone else's PC. It is strongly not recommended to connect your smartphone to them.

Don't leave your smartphone charging overnight

Usually users plug their smartphone into the charger closer to evening, at night. Then the person goes to sleep, leaving the phone for 7-8 hours. Remember that the battery is fully charged in 2-3 hours after plugging in. There is no point in keeping the smartphone near the socket any longer.

Such actions can simply "kill" the battery in a matter of months. All this is because the battery will be constantly under stress, maintaining a 100% charge.

Therefore, it is better to connect your smartphone to the source only during the day or in the morning, and immediately disconnect the cable when the power is off.

Don't overheat your smartphone

When you watch movies or run complex applications, the temperature of your smartphone may increase significantly. Do not heat the device above 45 degrees. To check the temperature you can use special programs that can be downloaded for free from Play Market.

Use the native cable only

Buying a cheap cable from the market risks damaging the battery and the phone system. Often these cords use low-quality components and important components of the board are poorly insulated. All this can lead to slow charging and even fire. Therefore, in order not to ruin the battery, buy chargers from specialized stores.

Do not use in frost or extreme heat

Battery performance is significantly affected by ambient air temperature. It is not recommended to use the phone in extreme heat or frost. Also, do not leave the device on the car dashboard on a sunny day. It is better to put the device in the glove compartment or take it with you.

In winter, it is better to place the gadget in the inside pocket of the jacket, that is, close to the body. That way you can keep the battery at optimal temperature.

How to quickly charge an Android in 10 minutes without charging

How to quickly charge an Android in 10 minutes without charging

There are situations when your smartphone is dead, but there is no outlet or charger at hand. Then "folk methods" come to the rescue, which will help to 1-5 minutes revive the device.

The first thing to do is to remove the battery from the phone and put it in a warm place. If there is no such place, just leave the battery for some time. After 10-20 minutes, put the power source back. As practice shows, the device starts up and allows you to make one call.

You can also try taping the middle contact of the battery, which is responsible for transmitting data about the charge to the smartphone system. Usually the device shuts down in the presence of 10% of the battery capacity. With this action you can cheat the system and win a fleet of minutes to make a call. Here's how you can charge your Android phone without a charger.

How to speed up smartphone charging

Most modern phones and tablets support Quick Charge, which translates to "fast charging. In the past, power supplies used to deliver 0.5-1A, but now this parameter has increased to 2 or more amps. That's why it's important to use original power supply for charging.

It is not recommended that you buy charging adapters with faster charging for smartphones that do not support Quick Charge. Such actions can damage the phone's battery. You can find out about the support of this function in the instruction manual or the specifications of the device.

Solutions to known problems

Some users encounter problems while charging. You can solve them with the information below.

The battery drains quickly

Why does the battery of an Android phone runs out quickly

The first thing to do is to go into the settings. Here go to "Power and performance". Now press "Energy consumption". The screen should display a list of applications that consume the most power. It is wise to delete these programs, which will have a positive effect on the device's battery life.

Do not set the brightness of the display too high. The best solution is to enable auto-adjustment mode. Turn off Bluetooth, GPS, WIFI - these are functions that consume huge amounts of power.

Charge level stands still

Check that the power outlet and charger are working properly. Try connecting the phone to a different power source. Also check the cable for visible damage, especially near the plug. That's where cord breaks most often occur due to fraying.

Another of the most popular causes is a damaged connector. It is possible that dirt has collected in it or that an important contact has been broken. Don't forget to check the cable plug as well. It could be badly bent.

Charging does not work

Most likely a chip in the power supply has been damaged. Most often the capacitor burns out due to the constant leaving the charger in the socket without the smartphone connected.

It is also recommended to clean connector contacts in the phone. A match or a toothpick will help. If the charger does not charge, it is best to connect the device to a different power supply. If there is no change, it is recommended to take the device to a service center.

The power supply is very hot

Do not use the phone while it is charging. This puts a lot of stress on the internal components of the adapter. Try to turn off your smartphone while charging. Do not cover the phone or put it under a pillow. In case of very high overheating it is required to take the charging unit to the service center.

Video tips

Answers to popular questions

Question: Can I charge my iPhone with an Android charger?
No. Apple uses its own original connector, which is not found in Android smartphones. The same applies to Android and IPAD tablets. These devices have different charging cables.

Question: How do I check the battery capacity?
It is possible to measure the battery capacity with the help of a tester or special programs. One of the best is the iBackupBot application. You can also enter *#*#4636#*#* and select "Battery information".

Question: What is the battery memory effect?
This problem is observed only on nickel batteries. The term refers to a decrease in battery capacity due to environmental factors. This is most often caused by improper charging.

Question: Does fast charging harm the battery?
If the phone has this function, there is no harm.

As you can see, charging your phone properly is not that difficult. The main thing is to start taking care of the battery from the first days of buying your smartphone!