Espier Launcher 7 Pro

How to turn an Android into an iPhone

The iOS operating system has an ineffably user-friendly design and interface. This is probably the decisive factor in choosing this system. But not everyone can afford such a gadget, because its price is much higher than the price of an average android device. And some users ask themselves the question how to turn Android into an iPhone?

Of course, it is impossible, or at least unlikely, to remake the smartphone externally like an iPhone. Then let's try to change the innards of this device, because Play Market has everything you need for this!

Widgets and Launchers

It's almost impossible to turn Android into an iPhone! Well, the one who tries to do it, one hundred percent will turn his device into a "brick". But it is possible to change the external data of the device, and it will really look like an iPhone. The installation of loungers, plugins and widgets in the style of "apple" will be the main advantage in this case.

Espier Launcher 7 Pro

How to turn an Android into an iPhoneWe will need to install Espier Launcher 7 Pro. This application will allow you to change the usual appearance on iOS. All the desktops of your smartphone will be as similar as possible to those on the iPhone. To do this, simply download and install the launcher, after which the smartphone will change the desktop design.


iLauncherThere is another topic, and it is called iLauncher. Just like the previous one, it can change the android system, or rather its appearance to iOS. Choose any of the presented ones.

Espier Locker 7 Pro

Espier Locker 7 ProIn order for your smartphone to get the final "Apple" look, you need to download and install "Espier Locker 7 Pro. Now the lock screen is the same as on the "apple" creation.

This program, described above, allows you to design your phonebook like Apple's. To do this, you need to download it and install it. The dial pad will also change.

Apps with iPhone interface

Like Android, iOS has its own special applications that are always there. You have to download and install them on your smartphone.

The most used app is the alarm clock. The first thing to download is to type it in the store search Clock iOS. Install it after downloading, and voila, you are the owner of the "iPhone" alarm clock.

EspierControlCenter - program, which will allow you to configure the bottom bar to the same as in "Apple", and then to deal with the settings of other little things.

As you have understood, turning your Android smartphone into an iPhone is not difficult (although cosmetically), the main thing is to have patience and free memory on the phone.