How to make an application for Android yourself

The Android operating system today is one of the most popular mobile platforms worldwide. Almost every owner of an Android smartphone would like to get a unique application that is suitable in a particular case for him, but it is not always possible to find such an application. In this article we will talk to you about how to make an application for Android yourself using free methods.

Due to the rapid development of the Android platform, some functions of the described programs may change, so for clarification of any details write in the comments. Last revision - 20.01.2018.

Naturally, progress does not stand still and with the development of the Android operating system there are more and more opportunities to create different kinds of applications that fit into it. And if not so long ago, it could only be created by a specialist who learned it in an institute, now it can be done by any owner of a phone or tablet Android in online mode.

Users can create their own application in order to please themselves with a unique program. Or they can make it in order to make some money. Today the Internet gives all the possibilities for this.

The tools described below allow you to create your own application in a few steps. Some of the programs presented allow you not only to make, but also monetize immediately it. Also, any of the created applications can be placed in the Google Play system.

Four ways to make an Android app yourself

How to make an application for Android yourself

Below you will find four "tools" that will allow you to create such an application quickly and without much knowledge. These programs are like building blocks which allow you to create everything you need, a good analogy to the familiar LEGO building block.

All of the programs presented here have been selected according to these criteria:

  • Convenient use. Naturally, these offers will be used not by trained professionals, but by ordinary users, such as you and me. That is why the application must be very convenient, functional, and easy to use.
  • Intuitive interface. If we talk logically, it is as if this point follows from the previous one, which means the program must be not only convenient, but also intuitive.
  • Great functionality. The wide variety of ways to create an application is a definite plus. Although all the programs presented, on average, have the same functions, except for some minor details.

App Builder - a simple tool for creating apps

App BuilderArru Pie
App BuilderArru Pie
Developer: Appy Pie LLP
Price: Free

This option is a good way to create your own applications quickly. Without a doubt, it is also a good thing that you can use it without investing a penny, which means free. Although here, there is a minus, at least in the fact that it is entirely in English (after an update in December 2017, they added Russian).

Program Features

  • There is a huge selection of templates to create an application. If you have a simple application in mind, this program can easily help you find a template;
  • After creating an application, you will be able to monitor its statistics;
  • If you create an app and it passes inspection, then it can be simply and quite clearly placed in the Google Play store.

AppsGeyser - a site for creating quality applications on Android by yourself

Create an Android app with AppsGeyser Let's note right away that AppsGeyser is not an app, but a site for creating them. If in the previous version you could create a program using your Android, here you will need a computer.

Official website -

This tool is of higher quality than the previous one, because there are much more possibilities to create your own application. The site gives you the opportunity to create your own program in just a few minutes. This editor is the easiest one we have ever seen. The list of applications it will help you make is very long, From a regular browser to your own messenger.

AppsGeyser benefits

  • The app is written fairly quickly, literally in a couple of clicks;
  • It allows you to create simple games for Android, because you must agree that not every tool today can do it;
  • Once the app is ready, it can easily be placed in the Google Play store;
  • You can also monetize your program directly through AppsGeyser. This is a useful feature, because if you show your imagination, you can also earn money on it;
  • Create, edit, publish the application online in your personal cabinet (to save the results).

IbuildApp is a powerful engine for developing your own projects

Developing Android apps with IbuildApp yourself

This tool deserves a really thorough review. As we discussed above, you don't need to know a programming language to create Android apps. The development platform is so simple that it will be very easy to create your own application. It only takes a few minutes, but the result is obvious.

The website IbuildApp has both paid rates (development of a custom application, with further development) and free templates, of which there are many.

Russian official website -

Let's see what it can do:

  • A huge archive of themes on a variety of topics: it can be restaurants, cafes, sports activities, as well as many other themes, allowing you to pick up anything. All you have to do is pick something specific and then edit it to suit your needs;
  • It also has built-in ways to promote the created application. It doesn't just help you create an application quickly, it also promotes it. In other cases, this process takes a very long time;
  • In addition, you will be able to connect the application to the advertising network, which means you will earn money from it.

AppsMakerstore - a platform for creating simple programs

Create AppsMakerstore app in Russian

Official website -

The fourth cool platform that is designed to create Android applications. Probably one of the most important advantages is that with AppsMakerStore you can create programs that will be multiplatform (for example, on Android, iOS and Windows Phone)

Let's look at the benefits of the platform:

  • Work with the designer is online;
  • The possibility of free registration;
  • Writing applications using ready-made layouts, with a huge selection of templates by theme provided for each user.

Video tutorial on how to create an app with APK Creator

That's it, we hope you found what you were looking for and were satisfied with our selection. This set of tools, will be something special for a beginner programmer and will allow you to understand the intricacies of creating simple applications for free.