How to shoot video from the Android screen

How to shoot video from an Android phone screen

Since Android 6.0, almost all smartphones now have a three-finger screenshot function or the corresponding scissor icon in the notification bar. This option allows you to take a screenshot, but there is no long capture. How to take a video of the Android phone screen, is it possible and what do you need? Today we'll talk about it.

How to shoot video from the Android screen without root rights

How to shoot video from the Android phone screen without root rights

There are quite a few ways to use "Super User" mode, but not everyone wants to bother and spend the time to get rooted rights.

AZ Recorder - No Root

A very popular program that has gained notoriety for its advanced functionality, ease of use, and accessibility. Does not require root-right, the basic version is completely free. Of course, it has ads and a little reduced options, but For regular screen shoots it's perfect. If you are involved in professional and time-consuming video snapshot creation on a daily basis, buy the Pro version.

As such, the application does not have an interface. After installation, a widget with all the necessary icons will appear on the main screen: start of recording, "Gallery." - the place where the recorded videos will be saved, settings и quitting the utility. AZ Recorder captures video from the Android screen in the background, just click the startup image to start.

When the recording starts, you will see a small video camera icon in the upper left corner of the phone and a similar notification, where there are two buttons - pause and end shooting. The settings are also nice: you can choose the appropriate video quality, turn on the timer to start recording, enable or disable the sound and set the saving location.

Another advantage is unlimited shooting timeThe video is a video that can be trimmed, whereas similar programs allow only three or four minutes at a time. Once you have the finished video, you can trim it by discarding even the frames in the middle. At the bottom there is an option "Share."The "Social Networking" feature automatically sends the received material to any of your social networks or instant messengers.

And if you accidentally deleted the video - do not worry, because it can easily can be restoredby using our article.

SCR - Screen Recorder. UHD, FHD, HD, sound

Another simple application with an uncomplicated name that allows you to perform screencasting, not being a "Super User". Records video clips lasting no more than 3 minuteswhich is, of course, a disadvantage. The interface and the structure of the utility are almost similar to the above program.

REC - Screen Recording | HD, UHD
REC - Screen Recording | HD, UHD

The panel contains the main commands: "Capture", "Record", "Setting". To begin, we go to the last point, which is "Settings."where you select the appropriate bitrate, video size, mute or enable audio recording.

Then permission is requested byAndroid, we agree, and it starts shooting video from the screen.

How to record video from the phone screen with Root rights

How to record video from the phone screen with Root rights 

Things are better here. If you have root rights, you have a huge number of different programs and tools to choose from for detailed device setup and many additional features. Utilities for screen capturing are also available in large quantities, but whether they are better than those that work without "Super User" mode is up to you to decide.

ADV Screen Recorder

Warning: The information about this app may not be accurate, as many new features have been added since the 2018 update!

Decent program, but it only takes 30-90 seconds to capture video from the Android screen if you use the trial version. You'll have to pay for the paid version, too, you must be a "Super User". in any case, and these are the main disadvantages of the utility.

ADV Screen Recorder
ADV Screen Recorder
Developer: ByteRev
Price: Free

The app is available for download from Google Playas well as the above mentioned tools. After installation we open Screencast and see a big black button indicating the start of the recording.

To stop shooting, you have to reopen the app and click on "Stop."Video clips are saved in the same name item, which looks like a videotape. From there, you can send them via Bluetooth to other devices, save them to cloud storage, or transfer them to your computer.

Recordable - FREE screen recorder

Despite the fact that the description on Google Play specifies operation without root rights, we hasten to refute this information. The application will not run on your phone if you are not a "Super User". There is a program of the same name, which functions on a PC, and there root is not required.

FREE screen recorder NO ROOT
FREE screen recorder NO ROOT

А otherwise the application is identical to the tools listed above. The English-language interface is intuitive, there is gesture recording, you can manually adjust the appropriate quality, bitrate and resolution.

How to record video from the screen without programs

UnfortunatelyThe video shooting without the use of third-party applications is not available on all phones. Here the main role is played by the brand of the device. On such popular devices as Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, etc.., you can find a built-in proprietary application, but only in some models.

This option is usually hidden in the "Tools" folder or has an icon right on the Home screen. Since it is a system feature, you cannot uninstall it using the standard method like an ordinary application. To do so, see with our article on the subject.

Google Play Games
Google Play Games
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Download Google Play Games, if not already installed, open it and go to "My Games.".

Open the mode "Libraries.". A full list of available toys appears. Click on the desired one and notice in the upper corner the image of the camera or a red circle.

Press it, an additional mini-menu appears where you set the quality and duration of the clips. For HD maximum time 16 minutes, for 480p - as much as 40. The gameplay is saved in the "Gallery", in the folder "Screencasts".

How to capture video from the Android screen via computer

This procedure is possible, but will require a little more time and skill. We need to connect the phone via USB cable to the computerThe following steps are available on the Internet: download the necessary drivers for your version of Windows or Mac OS and download a special program for taking pictures with your phone. Similar utilities and instructions for them can be easily found on the Internet.

Video tutorial

As you can see, it is possible to record video from the Android screen, there are a huge number of quality applications for this. After reading our article, you can choose the most suitable utility for you and your goals. Do you have any questions? Write to us in comments - we'll help! Good luck!