How to increase speaker volume on Android

You've probably heard a lot of feedback from mobile users that there are problems with the speakers on these devices. It really does arise critical issueWhen the volume of the call is quiet, but the music in the headphones sounds quite loud. And it's just awfully uncomfortable, and all because the volume of the music in the headphones almost makes the user swallow, and a quiet call, sometimes becomes the reason for missing an important phone call. It turns out that the speaker volume can be increased or decreased, the most important thing is to know how.

The easiest way to increase the volume is to do all the work through engineering menu. Usually Android users simply do not know about the existence of such a function, and therefore do not use it. But with it you can change the factory settings so that they become as convenient for the user as possible.

How to enter the Android engineering menu

To start changing the volume, you need to enter the engineering menu. In order to do this you need to know a variety of codes, which will be different for each smartphone.

How to enter the Android engineering menu

If you dial the desired code and press the call button, the system will automatically redirect you to the engineering menu. After that you need to find the section called "Audio". On different smartphones, with different versions, the engineering menu will be different, but still the essence remains the same, despite the change in sequence.

How to increase speaker volume on Android

Once you get to the "Audio" section, you will see these sections:

  • Normal Mode - functions without a headset
  • Headset Mode - functions when headphones are connected
  • LoudSpeaker Mode - functions on speakerphone
  • Headset_LoudSpeaker Mode - functions during simultaneous operation of the speakerphone and headset
  • Speech Enhancement - works in normal mode
  • Debug Info - setup menu
  • Speech Logger - setting up the microphone
  • Audio logger - completely unnecessary for sound enhancement, but can record and playback a conversation

How to increase speaker volume on Android through the engineering menu

Adjusting the audio using the engineering menu. With all of the above modes, you can increase or decrease the volume, but first you will need to use instructions, and how to learn how to do it. If you go to any of the presented items (except the last one) you can increase the volume and audio quality. In each menu all options are identical, so you can only master one item.

android engineering menu


  • Sip - call via the Internet
  • Mic - change the microphone sensitivity
  • Sph - hearing speaker
  • Sph2 - responsible for both speakers
  • Sid - changes the value of the speaker, you hear yourself
  • Media - audio level
  • Ring - ring volume
  • FMR - radio volume

How to increase speaker volume on Android

What does it mean to change the volume on Android

All of these items have a scale that is responsible for the level of change. It is either 0 to 6 or 0 to 225. You have probably already understood that 0 is the minimum and 225 is the maximum. To apply changes you can click on the "Set".

Remember! It's not a good idea to set a higher score. Otherwise, the speaker will deteriorate, will "croak", and may stop working at all.

Video instruction on how to change the sound through the engineering menu

Now you know how to increase the speaker volume on Android, both with the regular functionality and with the help of the engineering menu. But always change the settings in it, do not forget to record the values that were set "by default", in case of an unsuccessful setup.