Undeleter Restore Files (Full Android Version)

How to recover deleted photos on Android

Not every Android user takes steps to back up files (photos, videos, music). And you have probably wondered how to recover deleted photos on Android. And after all, this state of affairs could save a lot of useful information, which with one click can be accidentally deleted from the device.

On your Android device you can save all kinds of files, from pictures and videos to documents of all kinds. If you take this lightly, you can lose all of your important documents. After that, it will be very difficult to recover lost documents, so it is better to make a new habit - regularly back up.

How to restore photos from the recycle garbage can on Android

Very often the loss of usefulness occurs when the owner of the device is trying to free up some space on the disk space. Those files that do not weigh more than 1 gigabyte are automatically sent to the "Trash", from which you can retrieve them with practically no difficulty. You enter the "Basket"Find the items you want and click "Restore".

How to recover deleted photos on Android

The worst thing is when you delete a folder with a lot of "weight" and after clicking "Yes" you remember that there were some important files for you. Those items that weigh a lot, do not end up in the "trash," but are deleted in a slightly different way.


No matter whether the documents were erased on a tablet or a smartphone, the algorithm for deleting such files will be identical. In fact, on such devices there are not only internal memory. Basically, every device like this has a memory card. When you delete files, in fact, you do not delete them, but simply reserve the space they occupy. After you give the command "delete", the smartphone receives an indication that in the place where your data used to be, you can write new information, regardless of what was there before. That's why, before you old files new documents will be recorded, you can restore lost documents.

How to recover deleted photos on Android (software solution)

Recovery using programs. In order to To recover lost picturesor other important files, you need to download one of the following programs. All of them are available in the Google Play store.

  • Undeleter;
  • 7-Data Android Recovery;
  • Restoration

Some of them may be for a fee, and some of them may even ask for root rights (read the article on how to get root rights). There is no need to panic, because you can always use the program to get them Kingo Root. After obtaining the rights, you can run the program in order to restore the lost data.

Undeleter Restore Files (Full Android Version) How to recover deleted photos on Android

So, for example, you decided to use the program Undeleter. It prompts you to select the drive where the files were previously stored. It can be the internal memory or a "flash drive". The program will start searching for the lost file. But during the search, connect your device to the network, since the battery will run down much faster. Perhaps the program will be able to find not only recently deleted files, but also those that you deleted a long time ago.

To start the recovery, you need to go to the Pictures tab. There you can find the desired photo. In the upper right corner there will be a special symbol, click on it. After that, all the selected items will appear in the gallery.


File Recovery with 7-Data Android Recovery

7-Data Android Recovery restore android photos

Now let's talk about the 7-Data Android Recovery program. It is much more powerful than its predecessor, but to use it you will need computerBut this way, you will be able to recover the necessary files, in particular deleted photos on your Android device, with more confidence.

To start working with the program 7-Data Android Recovery you need to download it from the official website.
7-Data Android Recovery for androidAfter this begins the installation process, agree to all requirements and install. After successful installation, we will see a window with the main features of the program, we need one particular, in the bottom right corner will be the inscription "Recovering files from Android phones and tablets,then proceed to the next step:

  1. Take your phone (tablet), and after enable USB debugging.
  2. Once you have done this, connect the cable to the PC and the device.
  3. Switching to drive mode (a choice of 3(4) items will appear on the device screen when the cable is connected.
  4. After that, in the program window, select the device drive to be scanned and wait for the process to finish.

What to do if 7 data android recovery does not see Android

Well now let's get to the important point, on some devices users write that "7 data android recovery does not see android device", what to do? We will give you some tips in this case:

  • Try rebootand do the same with the PC itself.
  • Check to see if drivers for your device on your computer, if not, install the necessary ones, and go to point 1.
  • Probably a Windows protector (antivirus) blocked incoming connection in the means of protection, then you need to watch closely for pop-up notifications in the right corner of the screen, and have time to understand what went wrong.
  • If these tips didn't help you, describe your problem below in the comments, and we'll let's give it an exact answer!

Likewise. work and other recovery programs. You can also use the other option described below.

How to recover deleted photos from a memory card

How to recover deleted photos from a memory card

This option is fine if you are using a memory card for data storage. Turn off Android, and remove the card. After that it needs to be plug into another device, e.g., into the computer through the card reader. Open the disk that shows the name of the map.

And then use the same tips that were given earlier. Start the program, select a photo and Run the recovery. That's it!
If you still have questions about how to recover deleted photos on Android, we are waiting for them in the comments!