How to turn off safe mode on Android

How to turn off safe mode on Android

In today's article we will talk about how to turn off safe mode on Android. And this information will be interesting for users of any smartphone, because almost all systems have an identical basis.

What is safe mode: pros and cons

Any modern phone contains a safe mode. This feature was originally created by the developers to transfer the smartphone to "pure" Android, where only the system and extremely necessary applications run. Such as "Phone", "Settings", "Contacts", etc.

Such shenanigans allow you to assess how much the installed material loads the operating system and slows down its stable operation. It is also often activated on the phone after editing system files, changed, for example, due to root rights.

With this option enabled The device should work steadily, smoothly, there is no braking, crashes and the battery lasts much longer. But The user will only get a high-quality "ringtone", losing access to your favorite apps, music, videos, and messengers.

How to turn off safe mode on Android

Below we will look at the 3 most popular ways to disable security mode.

Method 1: Removing the battery

How to turn off safe mode on Android

To disable the intrusive and even frightening safe mode on Android, you must first turn off the smartphone itself, and then remove the battery from it. After that, wait for 30 seconds, and then insert the battery back into its "rightful" place in the smartphone. After that, your device will start up in the usual, familiar to the user mode.  All applications, games and other functions will work in normal resolution.

Unfortunately, this option has a disadvantage: not all phones have a removable battery. In particular, the battery is not removable on Chinese-made devices. It is this circumstance that becomes the main braking factor.

Method 2: Long press the Home key

How to disable safe mode on Android

To use this method, you have to reboot your device, and when it will already be on - you need to hold down the button called "Home". It cannot be released until the smartphone boots up completely. But some devices do not have a special reset button. Then you just have to turn off and then turn on your phone. But don't forget to hold down the same "Home" key.

Method 3: Reset all data

How to exit safe mode on your Android phone

Try also disabling safe mode with slightly different smartphone keys. You can similarly use the reboot or self-turn off and then turn on the device. But you need to press and hold the volume down key when you turn on the device. Do not release it until the device starts up.

This will take you to the specially created system menu. Next to go and select: "Wipe data/Factory Reset". You can do this by pressing the on/off key. As a result, a system message will appear on the screen, notifying you that your actions will delete important files. You need to approve your actions again by pressing the button.

Small conclusions

All the options described above will take your phone and tablet out of safe mode. In fact, on every device, regardless of its model and Android version, the operation will be similar.

If you look into it more closely, then for beginners who know nothing about smartphones, the first and second method will work fine. And all because the third way is already deeper into the operating system and for its proper implementation needs at least minimal technical knowledge.

Video tutorial

As you can see, disabling safe mode on Android is quite an easy procedure, and if you follow the instructions clearly, everything will definitely work out. Good luck!