How to display the Android screen on your computer

How to display the Android screen on your computer

Today's mobile devices offer users a comprehensive feature set. You can watch YouTube videos, interesting movies, soap operas, or pass the time in fast-paced games. But on the display of the phone, and especially if it is small, to do the above is problematic. That's why many people are interested in how to display the Android screen on the computer and enjoy watching it on the big screen.

Why you might need it

The reasons are different for each user. For example, a large crack appeared on the smartphone screen, and before replacing the display you want to watch a movie. There is only one way out - to broadcast it to a computer or TV.

Or you invited a large company and are going to play in the race, but the size of the mobile device categorically do not suit. There can be a huge number of reasonsfrom a business presentation to an evening out with the family. So now let's get down to practice.

How to Broadcast an Android Screen to a PC

How to Broadcast an Android Screen to a PC

First, let's look at what the user needs for a successful broadcast. The first and indispensable requirement is a working Wi-Fi network or USB cable. Bluetooth is also suitable, but not all phones support this type of connection for streaming.

Method 1: via Wi-Fi

Screen Cast -View Mobile on PC
Screen Cast -View Mobile on PC
Developer: Deskshare, Inc.
Price: To be announced

This is where an app called Screen Cast. It can easily be downloaded from Google Play and install in the standard way.

  1. Next, open the program and see the background in white and blue tones. Agree to these terms of use and swipe the page to the right. Now click on "Wi-Fi Network.".

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  1. The program prompts us to start the procedure. We read the brief instructions in English and Press the big red "Start Broadcasting" button. Now the utility gives you a special link, which you must type into any browser on your computer. Note: using the left sidebar you can make detailed settings for the broadcast.

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  1. Enter this address into the search engine and press Enter. That's it, the smartphone screen appears on the computer. Go to the Gallery and select any video, or start the game.

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Method 2: via USB

Also a very simple wayThe smartphone will not require any additional utilities to be installed on your smartphone. You do not need to install additional utilities on your smartphone, all major machinations are performed on the computer.

For starters. enable USB debugging. We wrote more about this procedure in the article "How to use Android as a webcam". Let's say in advance that debugging cannot be activated if the developer mode.

Next, we open the browser and Go to the Chrome Web Store. Type in the search engine extension called Vysor.

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Go to the utility page and click "Install.".

Viewer for displaying the Android screen

We take a smartphone and connect it to the PC via cable. Go back to the extension: the name of your device should be in the list of available connections. Agree to the pairing by clicking "OK.". Done, the smartphone screen will now be broadcast on the monitor.

Method 3: Through the operating system

Didn't the above methods work for you? Do you find them too complicated? Don't worry. Windows has a built-in feature that allows you to connect devices and easily manipulate them.

Your operating system on your computer must be upgraded to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. This operation is not possible with earlier versions.

Here we go:

  1. We make sure that phone and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. In the lower right corner, find the image of the Internet, click there. It opens the expanded settings, where you click "Connect.".
  3. A new window called "Projecting onto this computer". Exposing "Accessible to All.".
  4. Let's go back to the phone. We go to "Settings" - "Screen" - "Wireless Display". Some models do not have this option! Activate the checkbox. At the bottom, pay attention to the list of devices available for connection. Choose our computer.
  5. The PC receives a notification of pairing. We agree. That's it, the broadcast starts.

Video tutorial

Now you will be able to it is easy enough to display your phone screen on your computer. There are several methods, and if you take a little time and understand the instructions provided, everything will definitely work out. The main thing is not to rush and not to be afraid.

Do you have any additional questions or problems? Write to us in the comments, we'll always help!