How to uninstall system apps on Android

Every smartphone has standard applications installed that the average person never uses. In addition to the fact that this software takes up space on the desktop, they also consume a significant amount of RAM. Standard functions of the system do not remove them, as well as move them to the memory card. Therefore, users are wondering how to remove system applications on Android without complicated and unnecessary manipulations. The answer to this and other questions can be found in this article.

Why other articles on the Internet won't help you

There are many articles on the Internet that seem to be able to help you remove embedded apps from your phone. In fact, this is only an illusion, because Most of the material is long out of dateand the editorial boards of websites are in no hurry to publish the actual material. Often such instructions are about getting root accesswhich is almost impossible to do on modern smartphones. And if you try to get them, there is a risk of turning the device into a "brick". We suggest you review the principle of uninstalling the system programs on Android completely without root rights.

Which built-in applications can be completely uninstalled without consequences

It is important to understand that not every system utility can be completely removed without consequences. Depending on your device, the list of factory applications that can be uninstalled differs. Before proceeding to the instructions, we recommend that you read this list for your specific smartphone model.

Google services and apps

Go to the desktop of any Android device and there will definitely be Google services. Almost all of them can be uninstalled, but to be safe it is better to consider a specific list:

  • Google Maps. The program will be useless to users who have never used a navigator. This service drains the battery quite a bitand also monitors a person's movements.
  • Disc. This is the usual cloud storage. The service is harmless, but it takes up both RAM and internal memory.
  • Duo. This utility is designed to make video calls. Most people use messengers for this purpose, so there is no benefit to the software.
  • Gmail. It's an email account from Google.
  • Google Photos. This service is designed to store photos and videos on Google's servers. The function is convenient, but on the other hand useless.
  • Google Music. The program allows you to listen to music, but only after purchasing a subscription.
  • Google Movies. Useless utility for Russian-speaking users. All series are paid, and often there is no translation.
  • Google. This is a voice assistant, which takes up a lot of memory space.
  • YouTube. The service is designed for watching videos.
  • Google Chrome. A browser that does not cause any damage to your system. However, it can waste battery power.

The above Google applications can be safely removed from your Android phone.


The following standard applications can be uninstalled on your Samsung device without consequences:

  • Weather Widget. The weather block located on the desktop.
  • Calculator;
  • Calendar;
  • ChatON;
  • Built-in Samsung browser;
  • Samsung Apps. Analogous to Google Play, which most people don't use.
  • Samsung Wallet;
  • S Voice;
  • Samsung Link;
  • Music, books and videos;

Also included in this list are all the programs and services from Google mentioned in the first paragraph.

Huawei and Honor

Huawei phones are also equipped with useless programs that the average user never opens. Their list includes Google services, as well as a number of proprietary utilities:

  • Huawei HiSuite. The software is designed to synchronize your smartphone with your computer.
  • HiCloud. Cloud storage, the equivalent of Google or Yandex Disk.
  • Huawei backup. The utility allows you to back up your data.
  • Huawei App Gallery. Branded game store from the manufacturer.
  • Huawei Health.
  • Technical support.
  • HiLink. Utility for setting up and managing your network.
  • Mirror, compass and weather;

Presented software can safely remove without fear of damaging the system.


MIUI firmware has many official apps from the manufacturer by default. Most of them are useful, such as calculator, music and security. But you can also find completely useless software. They can be found in this list:

  • BugReport. Sends reports about errors and crashes in the system.
  • CloudPrint. Virtual printer.
  • Email. Email from Xiaomi. The program does not consume battery power, but takes up space on the desktop.
  • Fasdormancy. The function is not in demand among Russian-speaking users, but it affects the speed of the device.
  • MiLinkService. The utility allows you to exchange files between two Xiaomi phones.
  • QuikSearchBox;
  • StepsProvider;
  • Browser;
  • Shell;
  • Weather. Weather forecast widget.
  • Calculator, voice recorder, scanner, compass and screen recording;
  • The Google services mentioned in the first paragraph.

All of these utilities can be uninstalled completely without consequences.


The following unnecessary applications can be removed from your smartphone:

  • Built-in browser;
  • Music;
  • Cloud service;
  • Search;
  • Performance Monitoring;
  • Weather;
  • Easy mode;
  • Google services from the first point;

It is worth noting that the names of the pre-installed programs may be different. It depends on the Android version and the firmware.


Lenovo devices also have native apps that can be removed without consequences. You can find them in this list:

  • Kingsoft Office. A utility for opening files from the manufacturer.
  • Built-in synchronization service.
  • Mail;
  • Weather;
  • UC Browser;
  • File Manager;
  • Installer. Used to install applicationsdownloaded from third-party sites.
  • Tutorial for Beginners;
  • TouchPal Language Pack;
  • MobileLog;
  • ModemLog;
  • Notes;
  • Google services from the first point;

These programs can be safely uninstalled.

Common applications

Not all smartphones have been collected in this list, so we suggest familiarizing yourself with common programs that are safe to remove:

  • Mail:
  • Weather Widget;
  • Google Services;
  • Clock Widget;
  • Alarm clock;
  • Calculator;
  • Recorder;
  • Report;

Depending on the device, the list may increase, but this is a basic set of programs.

How to uninstall system apps on Android via PC without root rights

Now let's move on to the instruction itself, which will tell you how to completely, and most importantly correctly, uninstall the application from Android. Before starting the procedure, turn on your computer or laptop and charge your smartphone.

Step 1: Turn on USB Tagging

How to uninstall system apps on Android without root rights

The first thing you need to do is activate USB Hang Up on your phone. Depending on the device, this is done differently, but often the principle is the same:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Go to "About the phone" or "About the device".
  3. Click several times on "Firmware version".
  4. After the message "You became a developer" appears, go to "Advanced settings". The tab can also be called "Additional Features".
  5. Go to "For developers".
  6. Here you need to move the slider to the right against the line "Laying down by USB".
  7. At the end, confirm the mode activation with the "Ok".

The function required for operation is now enabled.

Step 2: Install ADB Run on your computer

Before you start the installation, you need to download to your computer ADB Run. The utility is available for any version of Windows, Linux and MacOS. After downloading, open the archive, where you click on the file "Setup.exe".

Unpacking ADB RUN

In the installation window that appears, click "Next", then "Install".

Installing ADB RUN on your computer

When the installation is successful, the program icon will appear on the desktop.

Step 3: Selecting Apps to Remove

Uninstalling the default app on your Android phone

To work with the program, you need to know not only the name of the application, but also the name of its package. The App Inspector utility, which can be installed for free from Google Play, will help you get the necessary information.

App Inspector
App Inspector
Developer: Projectoria
Price: Free

After downloading the software, do the following:

  1. Open the program.
  2. From the list choose an application that is not deleted by the standard functions of the system.
  3. At "Data dirThe "package name" is the name of the package, which, for convenience, is better to write down or remember somewhere. For example, Google Duo has the following package name:

Now connect your smartphone to your computer or laptop via USB cable. In the notification panel, select the mode "Transferring files"and, if necessary, install the drivers on your PC.

Step 4: Uninstall the application via ADB RUN

First, run ADB Run, then in the window that appears, enter the command "a" and press "Enter".

Uninstalling google apps on android via computer

Now enter the query "adb shell" and press "Enter".

Uninstalling apps on Android via ADB

On the next line we write "pm uninstall -k -user 0 package_name". Instead of "name_package", specify the pre-prepared data from the App Inspector application.

How to uninstall system apps on Android

Press "Enter". If the operation is successful, the message "Success" will be displayed.


You can also go another way by returning to the main program window. Here instead of the letter "a" we enter the number 12.

Uninstalling apps on Android via ADB

Press "Enter" and on the next page specify the command with the number 7.


Now, without missing any spaces, enter the name of the package and press "Enter".

Remove all system applications on your phone

If the procedure was successful, the corresponding inscription will appear on the screen.

Freezing by application via ADB

Uninstalling system applications is a risk. That is why on ADB The option to freeze the pre-installed utility is provided. Then at any time, if necessary, you can bring the application back to your smartphone. To freeze, go to the program on your computer and enter the command "a". Then enter the following combination: adb shell pm disable-user-name_package. Press "Enter"and wait for the procedure to finish.


You can unfreeze the program with the reverse command: adb shell pm enable -user 0 name_package.

Freezing by application via ADB

This method is safer and is suitable for temporary removal of Chinese applications.

Video tutorial

Answers to popular questions

Q: Will this manual work for tablets?
Yes, this tutorial allows you to remove the system app from your Android tablet.

Q: How do I restore a deleted application back?
If it is a Google app or service, it is enough to go to Google Play and re-download the deleted program. As for the system applications, they can often be downloaded from the manufacturer's official website. You can also reset the device to factory settings, then the programs themselves will be restored.

Q: What's the difference between deleting and freezing apps?
A frozen application can be returned through the ADB program, but a remote application cannot.

Q: Where can I download ADB Run?
You can download the ADB software from the official website of the developer or from the link in our item.

To summarize, it is not necessary to have a smartphone with root rights in order to uninstall a system application on Android. Thanks to the ADB program you can do it in a few clicks and without having to perform complex manipulations with your smartphone.

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    All in all, a monkey's work. It is easier to disable unnecessary applications in the application manager, as I did before.

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    error: device unauthorized.
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    Appears when entering the adb shell

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    - Unfortunately, in the latest version of ADB Run, the ability to "freeze" applications has disappeared, which is a pity because the lack of such a feature does not allow you to experiment.
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