How to uninstall all apps on Android at once

Android has always been as simple as possible in terms of uninstalling programs. You can get rid of them using special settings, directly from the desktop, as well as in the system settings. But what to do if you do not know how to immediately remove all the applications on Android. Is it possible to do everything without using apps or separate software, or is it best to use the right program? That's what we're going to talk about today.

Uninstalling apps with GO App Uninstaller

How to uninstall all apps on Android at once

Let's start with the appendix GO App Uninstaller. This program deletes not only those applications that you have installed, but also the system applications that can only be removed with root access. In fact, to do this you will need to have them.

In fact, the program is very simple, and the user should not have any difficulty with the operation. And that's because it is designed to take maximum care of the user. And that's a pretty compelling argument when choosing which program you're going to use. That's why this program becomes one of the top choices along with other applications.

Cleaning Android with Go TaskManager EX

Uninstall multiple apps on android at once

You need to download Go TaskManager EX in order to be able to work with it fully. This application is completely free on Google Play. But what about the main question: How to uninstall all apps on Android at once? Here is a concrete answer! You need to select them in the downloaded program and then click on "Uninstall". In addition, in the application you can see how many programs are installed on your device.

After uninstalling, all system applications are redirected to the trash. This is also a very good thing, because inexperienced users may uninstall programs that will disrupt the system. Then they will need to be restored. In order to restore the desired file that was deleted, click "Restore". Well, if you want to empty the Recycle Bin, you should press "Permanent Delete".

Video tutorial - How to completely uninstall an app on Android