The Android operating system was first introduced in 2008. Initially Android, inc. was the developer, but a few years later Google took over all the rights. The simplicity and convenience of the platform allowed it to win the hearts of many users. According to a study conducted at the end of 2014, 86% smartphones had Android on board.

Why users choose Android

  1. First of all, for people, the first thing that comes first is Simple and easy to use. Most people don't care about any super-complex settings, which need to be handled according to a manual. The user wants to buy a smartphone and start using it, while intuitively understanding what and where to click.
  2. Second, many people prefer to use Google services (Gmail, Google Play, Chrome, Photo, Docs). It is convenient for them to use one account on their computer and smartphone.
  3. Third, Android phones have a larger screen, which Apple cannot always boast. Also these smartphones are often cheaper than their competitors. The simplest device can be purchased for $100.


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