How to create an account on Android

It's no secret that Google owns the Android system. Owners can use the device independently of the company itself, and can use all the services of Google at their discretion. This can be work with e-mail, and other features of the system. But still, the most popular service is GooglePlay. After registration in Google, user gets access to it. Google Play is just an incredible opportunity with hundreds of games and thousands of applications, which can be both paid and free.

Below, you will learn how to create an account on Android for those users who have decided to use the services of Google.

How to create a Google Play account on Android

How to create a Google Play account on AndroidOnce you have made sure that the device is connected to the Internet, you need to do a few things that will help you register. In the section "Settings" we should find the subsection "Account". Once you are in it, you should click on the tab "Google".

Create an android play market account via computerThose who already have an account in the system can click the tab "Existing", and continue by simply entering their data specified during registration. But if you are registering for the first time, click on the "New" tab. You'll be prompted to enter your first and last name. Do that and continue.

How to create an account on AndroidYou will have to come up with a name, a "login" with which to log in. The login always needs a password, so take care when creating it, about the security of your account, and do not enter something like "123".

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After that, you can consider the question How to create an account SOLVED! Sometimes you will be prompted to enter additional data, but it's not that important. For more information, you can watch a video tutorial on how to create a Google account on your Android device!

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Video tutorial - How to make a Google account on Android