How to reboot Android if it freezes

The Android operating system is regularly updated and improved, which has a positive effect on the performance of smartphones. However, there are various malfunctions that cause the device to work slowly, and sometimes to freeze. It is possible to solve this problem by simply turning off and on the phone. But let's figure out how to reboot Android if it hangs in more detail.

Why the Android smartphone hangs

After conducting a number of analyses, experts have identified The main causes of phone hang-ups. Below are the most popular of them:

  • Lack of space.
  • The RAM is full.
  • Applications are being installed or updated.
  • Mechanical damage to the device.
  • System error.
  • Temperature change.

Independently determine the cause of glitches and hangs smartphone is difficult. Therefore, the principle of fixing glitches has general natureSo any of the following methods will work for the problem.

Method 1: Soft reset

How to reboot Android if it freezes

The presented instruction works for a long time, and is therefore suitable for most smartphones and tablets. Do not frantically press all the buttons at once, but first find the key responsible for screen lock.

Now hold it down until the selection menu appears, where click "Reboot". Usually the list appears after holding down the key for 10-15 seconds. There are cases where this function is not active, then simply select "Turning off the power". The smartphone should vibrate and extinguish the display. After a short period of time, it will turn on automatically. If this does not happen, press the power button manually.

Method 2: forced reboot (universal method)

How to reboot Android forcibly

There is a tougher method of rebooting a smartphone, which is called forced. It is worth noting that this is a universal way to get your smartphone back to normal.

Unlike the previous instruction, where you had to select certain parameters, here you need to press 3 buttons simultaneously: volume control, power and Home Key.

The last key must be pressed only on phones and tablets Samsung, in other cases you should not do this.

Method 3: Press two buttons

How to reboot the Samsung Android

Most modern devices come with a non-removable battery, which makes it impossible to turn off the gadget simply by removing the battery. Then the two key hold method comes to the rescue. It is very simple and works on all popular phones.

The principle of its operation is based on the simultaneous clamping Volume and power buttons. After doing this, the device should automatically turn off and on. Of course, this method has one huge disadvantage - if the right keys are broken, you will not be able to restart the gadget.

Method 4: Full discharge with soft reset

Full discharge with Android soft reset

It should be noted that this method requires time, but in its effectiveness you can not doubt. First it is necessary to completely discharge the phone. The fridge or freezer can help with this. Put the device there for some time and Wait for the power to turn off.

After such a "shake" let the smartphone lie in warmth for a while. Then do a soft reset: hold the power button for 5-10 seconds. Statistically, in 90% cases the gadget comes back to life and starts functioning normally.

Method 5: Extract the battery

The first thing that comes to mind when an Android phone hangs is to simply take the battery out. This method has its place as well. If the phone has a built-in battery, you can try to gently remove the cover and disconnect the cable from the battery. It is recommended to do such manipulations only for those users who Not afraid to break the device.

Now return the power supply to its original place and turn on the phone. In most cases, the gadget will return to normal functionality.

What to do if the phone freezes on the splash screen when you turn it on

What to do if the phone freezes on the splash screen when you turn it on

There are situations when the device freezes before it is even turned on. This can happen when the Android logo or the phone company logo is loaded (e.g., at Xiaomi it's a logo Mi). There are two ways out: remove the battery or disconnect the smartphone using the buttons.

In the first case, simply disconnect the battery, of course, if possible. In the second case, press the power key until the screen goes out. Usually this action requires 5-7 seconds. Then restart the device again.

In principle, if the smartphone hangs on the Android logo, then to solve this problem, you can apply any of the above methods. But there are situations when, after holding down power keys nothing happens. Then you can try resetting the gadget via the menu Recovery.

  1. You can switch to the recovery mode at the same time by holding the volume up and the power button.
  2. On the screen should appear unfamiliar to the average user list. Here you must select "wipe data - factory reset". If you don't know, you navigate through the sections using the volume keys, and the power button is responsible for selecting.

Please note that using this method will erase all the data on your smartphone. That's why it is recommended to use it as a last resort, when it is impossible to recover from the failure by other means.

5 tips to keep Android from freezing in the future

In order to avoid mistakes and malfunctions in the subsequent work with the phone, we recommend to read the useful tips:

  1. Clean up space on your device on time. Clogged memory is the main cause of apps freezing.
  2. Regularly check the gadget for viruses. If there are Trojan programs, your smartphone is much slower.
  3. Avoid sudden changes in temperature. In cold or extreme heat, the phone may start to slow down or even freeze.
  4. Try not to drop your tablet. Dropping such a weighty device can result in internal damageswhich will lead to malfunctions and errors in operation.
  5. Do not install complex programs on a "weak" phone.

Using these recommendations, you can avoid operating system malfunctions.

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Answers to popular questions

Q: My phone froze after an update.
This problem occurs mostly on low-end devices. Try doing a hard reset of your smartphone, it may help.

Question: Android goes to a constant reboot.
Most often with such a problem face smartphones Xiaomi and Huawei. Here we can offer one effective solution - Reset your smartphone to factory settings. This is done through the Recovery menu, which is accessed by simultaneously pressing the volume and power on. From the list, select wipe data/factory/reset. There are many reasons for constant bootlicking, so there is no point in parsing them out.

Question: When you hold down the power button, the smartphone doesn't reboot.
It is possible that there has been a serious failure in the system. Try discharging the battery completely using the above method.

Thus, after carefully reading the material you can restart your Android phone if it suddenly froze. Follow the recommendations and you will not have any problems!