How to use 7 Data Android Recovery

7 Data Android Recovery is a program for recovering previously lost (deleted) photos, videos, music and other types of files in external or internal memory devices running the Android operating system.

This software product can recover different formats and types of files:

  • Images: jpg, gif, jpeg, bmp, png.
  • Video: 3gp, 3gpp, mpg, avi, vob, mkv.
  • Music: mp3, amr, ogg, flac.

How to install and configure

How to use 7 Data Android Recovery

  1. Download 7 Data Android Recovery from official website ( and install it on your Windows computer.
  2. The procedure for installing the software product is not different from the installation of other programs. While installing the software, you may encounter a warning message "Please do not install 7DRS to the Drive you want to recover. Click "Yes" to continue, "No" to select another path.", you must agree by pressing "Yes"and the program will continue the installation.
  3. Before launching the program, it is necessary to configure your Android device, namely to enable "debugging via USB" in the settings for developers. Then you need to connect the device via USB to your computer in drive mode and run the program 7 Data Android Recovery.
  4. Then in the program window you need to select the memory to be scanned for deleted and recoverable files. After that, select one or more files from the list of detected files, right-click and select from the context menu "Recover file", indicating the path to restore.

The program 7 Data Android Recovery is a product with a certain test period, which means that the user will be able to restore total volume Only 1TB filesAfter that it will be necessary to pay for the further use of the program.

What to do if 7 Data Android Recovery does not see the Android

The main criterion for the correct operation of the program is that debugging is enabled on the device. To enable the device "USB Debugging" you need to open the device settings, go to the section "For Developers" and select the item "USB Debugging".

How to enable developer mode on Android

NOTE!!! To enable developer mode, you need to

  1. Go to the phone settings.
  2. Flip through to the most of them.
  3. Click on "About the phone".
  4. Press the "Phone version" line 5 times.
  5. Then you will get a notification - "Congratulations, you are now a developer".
  6. Go back to the settings, and look for Developer Mode.
  7. There click - "Allow USB Debugging"

Other reasons why 7 Date Android Recovery does not see Android

What to do if 7 Data Android Recovery does not see the Android

1. Outdated or missing drivers. You need to download drivers from the device manufacturer's official website and update or install them using the Device Manager.

2. A problem with your computer's USB drivers. It often happens that some USB ports on the computer's motherboard require additional drivers to work properly.

3. The device should be connected in mass storage mode. Other modes do not allow access to the file system of the device. Some manufacturers prohibit the ability to connect the device in drive mode, giving the user only the connection in MTP mode, this restriction can be eliminated by using the USB MASS STORAGE Enable application.

4. Root is required. Root rights are required for full control and modification of the file system.

5. USB cable. If all the above causes have been eliminated, but 7 Data Android Recovery still does not see Android, then the cause is most likely a faulty USB cable. It is recommended to replace the cable or use a third-party Card-Reader if you need to recover files from the external memory.

More file recovery software for Android devices

Also, below is a list of similar programs that can help you with file recovery.

Tenorshare Data Recovery

  • Advantages. Easy to use, supports more than 500 formats, fast scanning.
  • Disadvantages. No updates, no Russian interface. The trial version has limited functions.
  • Cost. From 2700 rubles.

GT Recovery

  • Advantages. Low system requirements, no installation required.
  • Disadvantages. Only English, no support for Windows 10. The trial version has limited features.
  • Cost. From 15$

Wondershare dr Fone

  • Advantages. Stable updates, ability to backup files and data, restore SMS and contacts.
  • Disadvantages. Only the English language is available. The trial version has limited features.
  • Cost. From 50$.

iSkysoft Android Data Recovery

  • Advantages. Simple interface, highly optimized.
  • Disadvantages. Lack of Russian interface. The trial version has a limited number of devices.
  • Cost. From 50$.


  • Advantages. Does not require installation, has a preview of the files detected for recovery.
  • Disadvantages. Almost complete absence of free features. In the trial version only file search is available, the recovery function is paid.
  • Cost. 15$.

It is important to know that ALL of the above mentioned programs have limited functionality in the trial version. Therefore, if your deleted files are really important to you, don't spare money and buy a lifetime file recovery program for various file types. You will need it more than once. And you will no longer need to look for "relatively free" programs of dubious nature, which not only a file, but even an ordinary picture can't be found.