How to make a second space on Android

How to make a second space on Android

The modern user stores a huge amount of personal information on his smartphone. On the one hand, it's great, because the necessary data is always at your fingertips. But at the same time the security and confidentiality of materials may be compromised. Therefore, many people are interested in how to make a second space on Android and fence off the operating system from prying eyes.

How the second space works on Android smartphones

Second space implies a second empty workspace. You can edit the home screen, add icons, applications, contacts. It is also allowed to create new accounts, such as Google account.

Why would you need such a function? There are a huge number of reasons. For example, you give your child a phone, but you are afraid that he will enter the payment systems. For safety, create his personal space and move all the games there, and protect yours with a password. By the way, yes, the option allows you to put protection on the second screenwhich is very convenient.

Or you actively use your smartphone for work and want to separate your home and career space. Moreover, all personal information will be away from the prying eyes of colleagues.

How to create a second space on Android

Much to my regret, the built-in function is present only on smartphones from the Chinese company Xiaomi. This is an individual advantage of the firmware called MIUI. If you own this particular brand - you are very lucky, if not - do not despair. On other models the second space can be turned on with special applications.

Creating on Xiaomi

How to create a second space on Xiaomi

There is nothing complicated here. The only requirement is to activate the second workspace. To do this, go to "Settings." And we get down to the section "System and Device.". Click on the tab "Second Space.".

We see a new white screen that says "Create a second space - a clone of the system with its own settings.". We agree.

Wait 2-3 minutes for all items to load. The first run may take some time.

A tabbed shortcut will now appear on the home screen called "Control and Switching.". It is by using this button you will be able to change your workspace.

The preparatory steps are not over yet. Now you need to configure the function. To do this, select the icon of the same name "Tuning.". We can protect the screens with passwords, or skip this step.

The next step is to import materials from the first space. You can move photos, videos, various files, and applications. Information can be left in two accounts, or it can be completely moved to the new area.

This ends the creation and configuration of the second space on Xiaomi. As we can see, there is nothing complicated. All the maneuvers are extremely simple and do not even require rooted rights.

Creating on other Android devices

How to create a second space on Android

Alas, you can't do without special utilities. On Google Play you can find a huge number of applications that supposedly claim to create a real second space. In fact, the program only makes a second screen that functions together with the main one.

Parallel Space - Клон прил.
Parallel Space - Клон прил.

But there is one application that captures the full functionality of the original option as accurately as possible. And that is Parallel Space, a tool that allows you to create real multimedia accounts. In a way, it is reminiscent of cloning.

You will be able to make one work and one home e-mail, register several game accounts, and choose a custom theme for the second screen. The program also offers the user Privacy Locker technologypromising to keep personal information from unauthorized people.

Video tutorial

Now you know how to easily create a second space on your smartphone. Using our instructions, the user will permanently solve the problem of a security breach of personal dataand will also be able to properly organize their workspace.

  1. There's nothing built into my generation of mioi. I load Paralel Space. it clones it, but then what?

  2. This application cannot be cloned.

  3. Guys, in Xiaomi in the second space does not work Parallel Space and the same when cloning the Parallel itself, how to fix this problem?
    It is the Parallel Space application itself that needs to be cloned!

  4. I can't enter the second space, but it says that the second space could not be created. What do I do?

  5. All Xiaomi models have the Second Space feature. Under "special features".

  6. Hello!, I want to change my old Redmi 4x, a newer model Xiaomi, but unfortunately I see that there is no second space, maybe I'm wrong, tell me in what models 2019 and 2020 release, there is a second space?

  7. How do you create a second space on a honoree 7 a pro?!

  8. I was wondering if I could do a second space on a samsung galaxy j4+?

  9. No one if you remove the second space icon from the home screen.

  10. Tell me, and the second space in the phone no one can not determine, it is installed or not on the main screen?

  11. The phone...Chiomi redmi...doesn't install on the second space...the game Gardencapes...not from the play or the mod

  12. 1. You can try to reinstall the second space.
    2. Yes, Xiaomi has a function to transfer data from the second space, it is in the settings. You can also make a backup.

  13. On the Redmi Note 5 I created a second space. Everything worked without problems for several weeks. The phone is working and rarely used, and the second space for personal calls and, trivially, for games.

    A few days ago, when going to the second space, the phone began to turn off. It only turns on after holding down the power button for a long time. Then everything goes round and round "first enter the password from the first space", after entering which in any way entering the second space causes the phone to pass out.

    Question #1: Can this be fixed?
    Question #2: How do I transfer the files of the second space, especially the call records, somewhere (to the first, to the cloud, or anywhere else for later downloading)?

  14. Try using cloning, not the second space. Because when you enter the 2nd space, the main space is temporarily frozen.

  15. I added a 2nd workspace to run 2 games at the same time when splitting the screen. But when I click on one of the screens, the second application hangs. Is it possible to make 2 applications run at the same time (without going into the background)?

  16. 1. Yes, it is essentially a different device.
    2. the same thing.
    3. Re-create and delete the second space.

  17. Hello Maxim, a question. If I jump into the second space, then in terms of third-party services, say, payment systems, or anyone else, is it perceived that I enter on a different (physical) device or not? For example, in the first space, I logged in under one nickname, and in the second under another ... and also if it is two different physical devices, then logging today and tomorrow in the second space, it will again be different devices or one and the same. Some services (you know about it) ban for registration on one and the same device and the purpose, how to bypass this? There is no expose and exprivacy on fresh xiaomi. Once upon a time a long time ago used some kind of prog that changed the device ID, but I forget which one. Can you help me?

  18. If the second space is inactive (you are currently in a normal system), the applications in it will be disabled. They will not have access to geolocation or the network.

  19. Maxim, thanks for the article, there is a question.
    Second space applications (if using the first) - do they fall asleep or work?
    For example, will the second space applications have access to the Internet, GPS, etc., if the second space is not used?

  20. No, because it's essentially a different phone.

  21. Two spaces are organized on the phone.
    I have a VPN enabled in the first space, I am in the second space and I go online from there;
    The question is whether my access to the Internet from the second space is protected by a VPN enabled
    the first one?
    Sincerely, R.

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