How to restore the Android brick at home

After a wrong firmware, your phone can become inoperable, or as it is called on the Internet, it will become a "brick". That's when the question arises, how to restore the Android brick yourself. Most sources will advise you to immediately contact the Service Center, but we recommend you first try all available options for "reanimation". In this article we will describe all possible options to make a "bricked" Android again a functioning smartphone.

Completely remove the consequences of failed firmware

If your device stops at the Android logo when you boot up, you're in luck - it's not "The Brick."But the phone (tablet), which can still be saved. To do this, go to the Recovery menu. There you will be able to reflash the device again.

Let's start with the first few steps, which will have to be done one by one. To avoid calling Android a "device" and other names, in the future we will use the word "phone", so it is more convenient and understandable.

Revive your phone/tablet via Recovery

How to restore the Android brick at home

If the phone is still on, turn it off. Then press the volume button and the power button at the same time. After this procedure the smartphone will open dual Recovery menu. Two options will be presented:

  • Restore backup (this item is the main requirement for the firmware, if the smartphone was flashed, then the backup was also restored). Select the early position of your system, then the backup will start in Backup and Restore.
  • Section Install zip from sd card allows you to start the firmware installation process. In this item you need to specify the exact path to the archive with the firmware. This option deals with the system restore. Especially if the phone was disconnected while important files were being installed.
    You may also be interested in "How to reset Android to factory settings".

But sometimes the firmware may not be able to enter Recovery when you start it up. Then the situation can be solved only with the help of third-party programs. As a rule, it is an application TWRP Manager, ROM Manager or Installerwhich are the most popular in the field.

These programs allow you to select all the necessary components for a particular operating system variant, automatically detecting the gadget and running Recovery.

If none of these programs helped to run Recovery, you can try to find a program that can run it on a particular smartphone model.

How to resuscitate an Android that won't turn on

How to resuscitate an Android that won't turn on

Above we discussed how to restore your Android, if it still had a chance of painless "resurrection". Now let's consider what to do with it in case your device was completely ruined and became a "brick" that doesn't function at all. If you think that this process is very complicated, then do not immediately run to a repair shop and pay a master, first try to do it yourself. Let's try to fix the situation yourself at home.

These instructions are based on the recovery of Samsung phones and tablets. If you have a different brand of device, you will need to select a different program or choose to use FlashTool. Is it hard to find the right one? Write to us in the comments - we will help you!

Follow a few simple step-by-step steps:

  1. Install the latest USB drivers for Samsung on your PC;
  2. Download and install the latest version of the program Odin (;
  3. The following will require download the official (not the author's) firmware for your model;
  4. Turn off the device, and then press "-" on the volume key and "Home".

A warning will appear after a while.

  1. Press "+" on the volume key, then the smartphone enters Odin mode;
  2. After that, we connect it to the computer;
  3. Start Odin, then click PDA, and then in it designate the file tar.md5 in the directory where the firmware is located;
  4. Next, by clicking "Start."The smartphone will be ready to use after we start the recovery program.

In this simple way we returned the "brick" to the original state of a normal functioning device.

How to reflash Android using a computer with Flashtool

How to reflash Android using a computer with Flashtool

  1. Charge the phone as much as possible, so that it does not turn off during recovery (let it stand on a charge for a couple of hours);
  2. We take a smartphone, which has turned into a real "brick";
  3. Next, download the official firmware from FTF format;
  4. After that you need to install Flashtool together with the firmware installation files on your computer;
  5. If your antivirus often scolds other programs, it is better to disable it for a while, so that it does not interrupt the process of flashing.

The actual operation to restore the Android via Flashtool:

  • Turning off the Android;
  • Put the FTF file with the firmware at the address: C:\Users\Username.flashTool\firmwares;
  • After launching, select the correct size of the PC (32 or 64);
  • We press the key with zipper logo;
  • Switching on "Flashmode";
  • Then you will see a drop-down window in which you select the firmware available in this program;
  • At the moment when the firmware is ready, the program itself will inform you that it is time to connect to the PC;
  • First the program detects the device and then the Android recovery will start. After it is successful, a table will appear "Flashing finished";
  • After that, you need to disconnect the smartphone from the computer and everything will work.

Video instruction

The Android operating system on each individual device has its own system, that is, software components. If it happens that your device became a "brick", then it is best to find the manual to the specific smartphone.

  1. Good afternoon. After flashing the phone Realmi c21Y turned into a brick (does not respond to any keys, the computer defines as an unknown device)
    Who has encountered this problem help.

  2. I have a Huawei media pad t 1 8.0 tablet and it is on the android splash screen twice pressed the volume and volume down and turn on nothing happens just hangs on the splash screen

  3. Good afternoon! My Huawei P Smart+ became a brick after the phone ran out of power during an automatic Android update. The red indicator light blinks when charging. Does not respond to pressing the buttons to call Emui.

  4. Hello all, restored smartphone via mrt.dongle, as flashtool did not sew tried different flashtools. Maybe someone will be useful.

  5. Hello! (backstory), I was installing myself root rights re-programmed Redmi Note 7 3/32, everything was fine but when I started to update through twrp Magisk went something wrong, youtogi it became not kernel, then I thought, thought and came up with it re-programmed, I re-flashed it, and that's it, I thought, here I have already moved on already started to appear " miui", and then restarted in the recaviri and there was the inscription (translation), ' this firmware is not suitable for this device ', and youtogi caught backups, although I was installing global firmware through fastboot, through MiFlash, everything was fine, then went to download other firmware, "Russia" from thin the same official website Mi, and now he can not re-install, the error pops up, help pazhelusta I set the alaya with e and hang around here will give in Dns that they repaired, advise what firmware I download for it since even the official global does not help!!! Sorry for the mistakes, I am writing from another phone, which is very laggy!

  6. Hello, I have a clone s10 + with MTK Boway6580, went into a wrong section and cleared the emms after that all disappeared except for phone and camera, then through the dialer got into the body settings and there by disabling one of the louncers worked only the curtain was not lowered and the button recent applications did not work, After trying to flash the same firmware but got a white screen repeated the same thing and all screen is black no recovery nor fastbut nothing works and even a PC then defines no sound connection and disconnect what can you do, please help

  7. The tablet turned into a brick after flashing and does not turn on and the pc does not see it help to solve this problem

  8. Find all the suitable versions for your model on 4PDA.

  9. Hello! Can you tell me where to download android 9.0 firmware for nokia 5.1 plus? I want to go back from 10. If you can - the official version.

  10. After failed firmware my phone hangs on the splash screen.Phone does not turn off, respectively, I can not enter the recovery, I press the off button, I try to turn off the logo starts flashing, and so on endlessly. What to do? phone ZTE NUBIA Z7MAX. Help please!!!!!!!Root no, recovery was TWRP, connect the charger, it charges. firmware was official 3.89

  11. Hello help unbrick Dexp T155 can not sew FT gives error ERROR : STATUS_DA_HASH_MISMATCH (0xC0070004)

  12. Unfortunately you can not, only through the PC such operations can be carried out.

  13. Maxim help. I turn on Samsung j2 after the screen saver samsung comes up with an error on the blue screen. I copied the inscription in the browser write need to flash. But here's the problem I sit in jail. No computer. How to flash it if you can not open the recovery and no computer. Is it possible to download the firmware through another phone to a flash drive and insert it into the brick and somehow run the process of flashing.

  14. Hello, I have a 2 Light wrecked after a failed firmware, disconnected the usb cable, and now it does not give signs of life in the manager is defined as an emergency port-mediatech usb.I tried to flash toolom gives out errors 2004 4032.What I did not do: ports changed, changed the drivers, flashtools different versions, wires usb, and without battery with the button holding down - +, tried all the options flashtool. it remains only to change the screwdriver at me semera 64 bit. what else can you advise me

  15. What have you done to your phone before? What about the boot loader?

  16. What should I do if my redmi phone always turns on, fades and then turns on again. I can not go into the recovery, it just does not turn on, but goes into the fastboot

  17. I reflashed my BlackView A5 through flashtool according to your video on reviving the brick! You advised to flash in FORMAT mode! After that, the phone does not turn on and does not go into recovery, only visible and can be reflashed in flashtool! Tried to flash all the firmware native with pda4-result 0! So what a super connoisseur-advice your stupid tips to restore only yourself!!!!! You are a total ignoramus!

  18. my phone samsung gelaxi a7 2018 does not turn on (the logo is lit) and I can not go into the recovery and boot mode. is there an option how to reanimate it or with what to flash it and how?

  19. Read this thread, maybe you will find a solution (there is a solution for brick in the post):

  20. Hello, I have a smartphone THL T6 Pro. Could you please describe the specific actions and programs for this phone.

    Thank you.

  21. I advise you to contact the service center again.

  22. Hello. Tablet samsung galaxy tab 3, charging connector failed, gave the service, there have changed, brought it worked, the charge was 25 percent. he and before that was stupid, too much was installed, decided to reset to factory settings, well, all turned on only up to the inscription samsung galaxy tab 3, further does not go. Read it turns out to reset to default it was necessary at least % 60 charging. But now what to do, with plugged charging no battery indicator, only the same inscription logo, not charging means. In the menu through the buttons does not go into the menu ricaveri, works shortly only the button vere. Turns on until the inscription and turns off. And also, when you unplug the charger, the inscription continues to burn until you turn off the tablet with the button.

  23. Have you read about similar situations in the forums, including your thread on 4PDA?

  24. I have a Nokia 2 phone (TA-1029). After installing the January 2019 patch it turned off
    and is defined as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 and does not want to leave this mode. tried to flash QFIL and XTM_Miracle Thunder 2.82, no effect.
    XTM_Miracle Thunder 2.82 gives boot loader error.Tried to close test point and flash, same thing.Far away from service,no Infinity programmer.
    Please advise what can be done in this situation!
    Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. where to download the micromax usb driver can't find it
    The smartphone became a brick

  26. Try to use these instructions, there are links to drivers in the description.

  27. Killed Le Eco le 2, when connected to the computer (on and off and so on to infinity, already annoying that sound), tried Flash Tool, tried flashane.on Flash tool after the first red bar on 100% popped up an error, indicated another file in securiti already went further, but the error popped up on the purple bar :D. on flashane not displayed device QualComm. Disabled digital driver assignment or whatever, installed the latest QualComm drivers and still in the device manager except Media tec com 4 or com 6 do not see QualComm or Android -.- I tried different flashtools, some even do not want to work, found a Chinese one for the smartphone, but their server stopped working and the program because of this became inactive and useless ... Advice what you can do, tell me how to install the drivers correctly and how to understand that they are up.

  28. Describe what exactly was done, what was put in and how?

  29. Tried to flash, that is, reset to a lower version of Android because I changed the display. Turned Samsung j701 into a brick... PC stopped seeing it, button combinations do not work... Turns on the screen Galaxy J7 Neo and all... how to be...?

  30. The problem may be exactly in the battery, you should have paid attention to it immediately (my opinion after reading!). With the firmware made everything worse. The first thing I would do is change the battery and then look at the firmware via TestPoint, if there is a manual for this model.

  31. A lot of useful stuff is written, but it's all about Android.
    I have a Prestigio MultiPhone 8400 DUO smartphone on Widows Phone. I was happy with it, but when I connected the charger, it suddenly turned into a brick and stopped turning on and charging.
    Through the Internet I tried to identify the cause and what to do. As a result of various actions, I found that when connected to the charger without a battery, the smartphone sees it, but when connected with a battery again does not respond to anything.
    I also found that after it lays with the battery disconnected for some time, when you insert it into the smartphone and connect it to the charger, it wakes up and tries to start, the logo "Prestigio" appears, then the main buttons blink, the logo goes out, the screen is slightly lit, and then it goes out and again I have "brick". If you leave the battery for a long time, everything repeats.

    Attempts with the power and volume buttons to recovery mode were successful only once. Now only the initial logo restarts a few times, and then the "brick" again.
    It only comes to life after lying without battery, but only until the initial logo reloads. Naturally, the PC does not see it. The battery is forced to 3.8 volts.

    The recovery menu is not entered with the on/volume buttons. When you press these buttons it just starts the initial "prestige" logo a few times and turns back into a brick. It comes out of this position after some time if the battery is left. The charger without battery sees, with the battery does not charge. PC smartphone does not see the smartphone, sees it as HSUSB_BUCK/.

    Once the system started up, but then it all crashed again. I decided to flash the program for smartphones with Widows Phone, but my phone was not there, then I chose another phone (Lumia) and accidentally clicked on the firmware, realized my mistake and pulled the USB. After that, it stopped running the OS. I guess I managed to write or erase something.
    So far, I have not found anything useful on the Internet to revive a smartphone.

  32. Try to remove the battery and let the phone sit like that for a couple of minutes. If that doesn't help, read up on TestPoint for your model.

  33. Hello. phone lenovo k5 plus. put android 9, after a while decided to return the native firmware. during firmware turned off the light. now the phone does not respond to the buttons in any way. the computer is determined, the charge LED is lit. i repeat - does not respond to the buttons ANYWHERE, in RecAVER does not enter, in FASTBUDGET does not enter. i pressed volume+- and connected to the computer - nothing. i also tried it alternately. puts the driver kualcomm and all. the firmware installer detects but does not fill the firmware. it throws an error. is there a way to restore more or scrap?

  34. I took it to the Service. The guys had been working on it for a week and a half. Returned with the result = 0. I ordered the motherboard for this model on Ali, the thing is not cheap (about 30% the cost of the phone), but I found no other way out.

  35. Have you tried the phone recovery methods from the 4PDA hat for your model?

  36. LeTV LeEco Le Pro3 X651 model phone. I downloaded the firmware from "4PDA" (stock for this model). I have not set the root right. The boot loader does not work either (phone does not respond to buttons at all).

  37. What phone, what firmware/version of Android, what about the bootloader and root?

  38. First, describe your situation in as much detail as possible. Do you have root on the phone, have you previously flashed it, write the exact version of the recovery and how you installed it.

  39. Hello! I tried to flash via Flash Tool (MT6797 processor) in "Format All+Download" mode. Green line reached 100% and everything froze. Now my phone won't even turn on.
    Is it possible to reanimate it?(I used only stock firmware for my model). Thank you!

  40. The versions are the problem, right? Can you tell me how to restore?
    If it's not too much trouble, and thank you Maxim for your past response.

  41. How did you set up the recovers? Did you choose the correct version?

  42. My phone prestigio Muze B7 android 6.0
    Problem: I installed TWRP and then it shuts down and does not enter anywhere, not even into recovery
    Tried everything but no result

  43. Describe your problem in more detail, maybe other users can help.

  44. Help restore the Chinese game console JXD S 7300b.
    Please post the instructions for this tablet

  45. MFLoginPh not react as a despatcher is defined as Single Port after installing drivers, the operating system on a PC Win xp SP3, easing methods from the site 4pda do not fit, the program SP Flash tool gives an error number 4032

  46. Maria ! With these symptoms raised from the state of a brick - lenovo A916 Chinese firmware and prog -flashtool !!!

  47. Does anyone have step-by-step instructions to restore the brick on the proce qalcom for Qfil ?

  48. Please!!! The smartphone letv x800 us uokirpitsya after a failed firmware.Instead of American firmware-chinese.Qfil sees the body on the emergency port 9008.How to restore ???.

  49. lenovo a 766 does not turn on after hanging on the logo and does not respond to button presses tell me what to do? please yes try charging does not respond.

  50. Good day!!! help!!! I have a Samsung sm-a600fn/ds stitched through odin combination fa80 a600fnxxu3arh1
    And reflash it does not work, when the phone is turned on, Odin sees it. In recovery enters, but DOWNLOADER does not. What just did not help, HELP me, tell me what and how you can do
    Thank you in advance

  51. Have you tried different keyboard shortcuts, have you installed drivers on your PC?

  52. Tablet ZTE v9 not included in the recovery when you turn on the splash screen is lit, the computer sees unrecognized device. how to flash? who knows help.

  53. Alternatively, go to the official website, but I recommend getting it from the repository 4PDA + read the FAQ for your specific model.

  54. Help me please,I download Flashtool and it does not work not one.Where to download the original?

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