How to create a game on Android from scratch by yourself

How to create a game on Android from scratch by yourself

For a long time you have dreamed of making your own app, have interesting ideas, want to earn money by creating a high-quality game? Of course, almost every user has such a desire, but often doubts, fears and uncertainty stop you. After all, how to create a game on Android from scratch by yourself, if programming skills are poorly developed, English leaves much to be desired, and no specialized programs at hand? Let's try to figure it out.

The level of difficulty of creating Android games

Most importantly - it is quite a real opportunity to create your own game yourself, without spending thousands of dollars and without the help of experienced designers and programmers.

Yes, huge applications with 3D graphics are made by popular and rich companies where real titans with excellent skills work. But not always such toys achieve popularity, while even a simple and elementary app developed by a novice has all chances to win the love of millions of users from all over the world.

What does a person who decides to bring his invention into the gaming sphere need to know and be able to do? To begin with, it is to have at least minimal knowledge of the programming language, which can easily be obtained on computer science courses or with the help of special textbooks. The best option is language Java. As an alternative, it is quite possible to present program codes that can replace specific actions in the game, but then you must have a good command of the English language.

3 programs for creating Android games

Let's also dispel the misconception that you have to know Photoshop completely, have design taste, and be great at drawing in order to create an app. But you shouldn't confuse, for example, a new application for communication with a full-fledged game. If you decided to create the first one, the main thing there is just text and control keys, but if it's a real game, you can't do without artistic elements. And the trick is: these elements are in the constructor. That is, you will have to draw yourself very rarely.

Let's move on to constructors, because they are the base of the whole game and only with their help a beginner can create his creation. The choice of such special programs is enormous, as we will talk about below.

Now here's a quick summary. If you decided to create your own game, it requires:

  • Idea, imaginative idea of what the game will be about, knowledge of its main plot;
  • Minimum knowledge of the Java language, because completely without programming (without the right knowledge) can not do;
  • Product creation software installed on your computer;
  • Free time, attentiveness and desire to work.

What's the best game to create

There are no clear limitations, the choice in the designers is usually given extensive: the quest, card game, catch-up, shooter, action. The application is best known for its abundance of genres Construct 2.

The best option for a beginner is probably a platformer. Wandering around an uncomplicated maze or an easy fight with a villain - a typical, but pretty good story to start with. And all of this is quite realistic to recreate, using a free and handy constructor.

You may also be interested in card gamesThe game does not require high graphics, clear drawings, and lots of action. All steps, including card shuffle and deal, are different from other genres of uniformity. Usually in such games and withThe easiest interface, consisting of a regular menu.

The most difficult direction to create, of course, is action games, where there is a detailed world, usually made in 3DThe main characters, a long storyline and a lot of levels. As an example, consider the well-known application Modern Combat. Of course, for such a powerful toy requires dozens of specialists, good investment and months of work. But this does not mean that the user himself can not create a 3D game. Only good skills are needed, so this genre should be left for later.

How to create a game on Android from scratch without programming skills

How to create a game on Android from scratch by yourselfNow consider the main part of creating the game, namely the designers, which are the usual programs that can easily be downloaded on the Internet.

Please note! We advise you to download applications only from verified sites and carefully check them with antivirus before installation. Otherwise there is a risk of getting malicious files into your operating system.

Construct 2 - a simple platform for 2D applications

How to create an Android game with Construct 2 in RussianThe best app of its kind, which takes the lead. The main advantage is the ability to create games for almost all platforms, including on Android. Supported and animated format HTML5, with which the created creations will be available to play online in all browsers, which is important, because such toys are much easier to operate.

The basic version of the program is completely free and ideal for a beginner, because it has all the necessary tools from the graphical interface. Therefore, command lines are not needed, nor are artistic skills.

There is also a high-quality design of the game: various sound effects and graphics, standard images for the background, without which you simply can not do without. There is also a great opportunity to fill the application with your own individual and unique materials.

Most of the creation is just dragging and dropping elements and setting their interactions. For example, the character clings to a rock, and the level ends; one part of the background is grass, the other, the upper one is the sky, neutral music and characteristic sounds play. That's it, we can consider the simplest and most elementary game practically created.

Unfortunately, there is a disadvantage: in the free version you can export your creations to browsers, and from there you can open them on absolutely any platform, but you can't create a free game just for Android. To do this you have to invest in a paid version, the cost of which is a little more than 100 dollars. But then the possibilities are much wider, games can be made purely on Android or iOS, and with the help of installation files to open applications on a personal computer.

Video tutorial on how to make a game on Android with Construct 2 and Construct 3

Unity 3D - a powerful engine for developing 3D projects

How to make an Android game from scratch with Unity 3DWhereas the previous program only allowed you to create 2D games, Unity 3D is already reaching a new level and gives developers all the conditions for Create a great three-dimensional project. The program is equipped with a variety of ready-made models, images, scripts and textures for every taste. The compilation has a high speed, the editor, despite its versatility, is very easy to use.

Thanks to the kernel PhysX All the actions of the characters worked out to the smallest detail, looks created the game quality and expensive, even if it involves a simple storyline, which is not particularly long.

The only requirement is a sufficiently powerful computer that supports 3D formats and intermediate programming skillbecause it will still be a little difficult for newcomers to figure out.

Video tutorial on how to create a game using Unity 3D in 45 minutes

Game Maker is the easiest option for the beginner

Making a simple Android game with Game MakerThe easiest program there is, perfect for inexperienced and unsure users. This is where you can do without programming and without the language of Java.

The application provides many interesting characters, objects, locations, and effects for free use. All the developer has to do is drag and drop the necessary objects onto the main background and choose the interaction.

You can't say that this way the game will be made from scratch and you will have completely created your own application, but you will still get the basic idea of game development, which will allow you to move to new levels of programming and improve the skills you already have.

Game Maker Video Manual

Stages of game creation

Making a simple game

Beneath the simple game implies the most uncomplicated plot. For example, consider the following idea: the man needs to overcome obstacles to get safely to the finish line. In addition, it is desirable to collect coins on the way. Agree, to reproduce such a picture With Construct 2 is quite simple and interesting. Let's look at the approximate indicative actions:

  • Create a background of any color, in our case it is better to choose green for naturalness;
  • We make the main character, it can be an animal or a little man;
  • We project the coins and put them all over the background, do the same with obstacles (the image of rocks, firewood - the best option);
  • Now determine the character's interaction with the environment. If you trip over a rock, the game is over; if you catch a coin, the game continues; if you run to the edge of the background, the finish line.

For step-by-step steps and detailed instructions, see the video that accompanies this section.

Making a card game

For this genre, the best program to use is Unity 3D. Here we will look at the directions and steps:

  • Make the main background for the cards;
  • We design the maps themselves, that is, the inventory;
  • Setting interactions;
  • Determine the number of players;
  • Translate the game menu from 3D to 2D;
  • Determine the end of the game.

Creating an RPG game

A great program for this genre is RMXP program or the same Unity3D, produced by a Japanese company. It takes time and care to create a game like this, but you won't encounter anything complicated.

  • Come up with the main idea of the future Android game;
  • We write the main script;
  • Draw a base map and add objects;
  • Create events.

How to create an online game for Android

There is no separate scheme for creating an online game. The application of this type is made using the above programs, and where to publish your creation - directly in Android and iOS, or in browsers - it is up to you.

Please note! Creating a game without using a PC with standard methods is impossible. Most popular programs are PC-oriented only.

Three 100% ways to make money from your game

How to make money on your Android gameThe first is a quality and interesting game. As in any other business, for good sales the product must be interesting and distinguished by its zest. Try to avoid hackneyed plots, carefully think through every detail of the application. Even if the game is small and simple - make it as high-quality and "expensive" as possible.

The second is that you should not look for sponsors yourself. If the game is worthy and you want to sell it, first of all, put the product on special auctions, such as gamebrokage. Unfortunately, the chance that a newcomer will be immediately interested in the game is slim, but it's worth a try. Of course, it is better to create the first projects for a narrower circle of people, get the opinion of friends, relatives, etc.

The third is your own advertising. If you have already let your game on the Internet, you need good constant advertising to be popular. You can create your own games portal, publish relevant posts on social networks. In short, do everything to get it noticed.

Answers to popular questions

Q: If my game is on Google Play, can I update it?
An update on Google Play will only be available when you release it yourself, because you are the developer of the app.

Question: What is the average cost of a game produced by a self-taught user with an average level of programming?
Here it all depends on specific factors: the size of the game, its graphics, duration, quality. If we talk about the world market, it's about $100.

Question: Can I translate a 2D game into 3D?
Yes, with the help of special programs it is quite possible, but the procedure is not simple.

Q: Is there a time limit for using the free version of Constructor 2?
No, you can use the free version all the time. The paid version can be purchased on demand.

As you can see, creating a game on Android from scratch is quite easy and fun processYou can do it on your own without any problems. For help, feel free to write in the comments. Good luck!