How to set up Yandex mail on Android

How to set up Yandex mail on Android

Active Internet users know that it's simply impossible to do without e-mail. And every year Yandex Mail becomes more and more popular and is on a par with and Gmail. The number of those who want to use this service on their smartphone is growing, so they are increasingly looking for an answer to the question of how to set up Yandex Mail on Android. In order to start using Yandex mail service, you need to configure it with the protocols POP3 and IMAP, or install the original program.

Example of how to set up Yandex mail on an Android phone

This method is suitable for any phone (or tablet, just in the example we take a smartphone), any brand: Samsung, Xiaomi, HTC or Meizu, because it is the easiest and most accessible.

How to set up Yandex mail on Android

There are several steps required for installation:

  1. Open Google Play Market;
  2. Enter the phrase "Yandex Mail" into the program search box;
  3. From the list choose the desired application (below you can click on the active window with a direct link to Google Play);
  4. Press the button "install".

Standard Yandex Mail app

After installing the application, a characteristic shortcut will appear on your smartphone screen, which allows you to log in to the program. After you click on the icon, the mail will prompt you to enter your existing login information, or to register new ones. Choose the appropriate ones. Once you have logged in, you will see a list consisting of Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, and Spam folders.

Yandex Mail Beta

This app is also the official app, but it has many new features. If you install it, with your help the developers can improve the functionality of the standard app and add more and more new features.

Best email client 2018 - myMail

Recently, such an application as myMail, is gaining more and more leading positions in ratings and user favor. The main advantage is that it is easy to use and supports almost all mail servers: Gmail,, Outlook And, of course, Yandex Mail.

In this case, most often you do not need to enter the protocols, you can do without the deep manual configuration. It's enough to enter your username and password in the fields, and immediately get access to all the advanced functionality.

myMail has very useful options: the ability to group emails, find them by attached filters, set the time of sending and receiving. There are push-notifications, which is very convenient. The advantages are also the user-friendly interface and nice design. Users' avatars are visible, as well as icons of mail servers, so you can find letters almost instantly. Do not forget that the messages are grouped into chains. Therefore, not only separate fragments can be deleted, but the entire dialog at once.

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Manual mail setup with POP3 and IPAM protocols

The POP3 and IMAP interface can help you access multiple mailboxes simultaneously. But setting up each of these protocols has a number of subtleties, as described below.

How to set up Yandex mail on Android manually

So, POP3 allows you to get only copies of email messages on your device. You can edit them on the device itself. Except that in the original mailbox, they will be completely unchanged. And here's the protocol IMAP allows you to edit emails without leaving your smartphone.

To start with, to install Yandex Mail this way, download one of the applications below.

K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail
K-9 Mail
Developer: K-9 Dog Walkers
Price: Free

An excellent program that does not have any abstruse settings, proven by time and more than 5 million people. The application is only in English, but the language does not interfere with the comfortable use, everything is done intuitively.

ProfiMail Go

ProfiMail Go - email client
ProfiMail Go - email client
Developer: Lonely Cat Games
Price: To be announced

This app allows you to retrieve and read a message in a normal, smartphone-adapted form. The version can be either free or for a fee. The paid version differs only in the absence of ads and a few backgrounds for reading mail.

MailDroid - Free

MailDroid - Email App
MailDroid - Email App

Probably, most popular mailwhich has a nice look and feel. You can sort emails, check them for spam, and synchronize them with your computer. Google Play has both free and paid versions of the program. In addition, you can change the interface of the system.

After downloading one of the programs presented, log in, log in, add your mailbox. Next, start the "manual" installation, and select the appropriate protocol. After that, fill in the fields for incoming and outgoing messages.

That's the whole process of using Yandex Mail through the official application, and using the protocols POP3 and IPAM. If there are still questions - ask them in the comments.