How to remove pop-up ads on your Android phone

How to remove pop-up ads on your Android phone

The average person encounters advertising everywhere: on the street, on public transport, in stores and even on the Internet. Today it is hard to imagine our life without a smartphone or tablet. Such a device replaces the computer to a certain extent, allows communicating with people from other cities and placing orders in online stores. During a day, the user visits many sites and applications, where he meets a huge number of advertising banners. Over time, they become annoying and interfere with the comfortable work, so there is a reasonable question: how to remove the pop-up ads on the phone Android? In fact, to do this is not difficult at all, and in order to avoid mistakes we recommend reading the article carefully.

Types of advertising banners

You may have noticed that there are quite a few varieties of advertising banners. It can be a simple picture, a line of text, or a video. But it turns out that there are even more types of ads. Below you can read about the main ones:

  • Mobile banner. This type of advertising is the most common, and it can be found both on websites and in mobile applications. Most often, a banner has a static (stationary) image, but dynamic images are also gaining popularity recently.
  • Video ads. As you can tell from the name, this banner is a small video lasting 15-30 seconds. Usually the ad runs automatically and can only be removed after a certain amount of time has passed. You can see it, for example, when watching videos on
  • PUSH-notifications. Such advertising is the most aggressive because the user receives various notifications throughout the day. Usually you need to allow notifications on a certain site in order to start sending them out. Most often a small window with the "Allow" and "Block" buttons appears in the right corner of the browser. It is easy to guess that when you select the first option, you automatically allow the site to send spam.
  • Cross-page ads. The principle of such banners is as follows: the user enters any site, browse it, and then go to another page of the same resource. And just at the next transition in front of him advertising pops up. Close it quite simply - just click on the cross in the corner of the screen.

The ads listed above are the most common on mobile devices. In almost all cases it can be disabled, and sometimes even completely removed.

How to get rid of pop-up ads on Android forever

After learning about so many existing banners, you're probably wondering how to remove them from your smartphone. In fact, it's easy to do, given the number of ad-blocking services and applications. A little below is a detailed description of how to remove ads on the desktop, in applications, in the browser, Google Play and other services.

The universal way

Get rid of ad banners on your phone will help a special program called Free Adblocker. Such an application will block pop-up windows, thereby preventing advertising messages from being displayed on the screen. You can install this utility from Google Play by entering the appropriate query in the search box. If you want, you can use other software, but in terms of rating and number of downloads the presented application is the leader.

How to remove pop-up ads on your Android phone

After completing the installation, open the application and configure it. The principle of operation is described in detail in the instructions:

  1. Press the button "Continue and adopt".
  2. View a brief overview of the app. You can also skip it by clicking on the arrow in the right corner of the screen.
  3. Choosing "Continue to", put a check mark in the item "Remember Choices"and check Free Adblocker.

How to remove pop-up ads on your Android phone

Now all ads in your browser and installed applications will be blocked automatically.

Removing ads from apps

Ads are present in almost all applications and games. The previous program allows you to remove them, but if this option does not suit you, you can try another way. If a certain utility shows banners in the notification bar or on the desktop, you need to find and preferably remove them. To do this will help a special application Ad Detector. First of all, install it from Play Market by going to the page with the program and clicking the button "Install".

Removing ads from apps on Android

Now perform the initial setup and activation of the utility. To do this, we recommend that you use these instructions:

  1. Press the button "Skip" to skip the overview presentation.
  2. Choosing "SCAN"and wait for the system to check the installed applications.
  3. Once the scan is complete, you will see a list with suspicious programs in front of you. Simply click on the name of the utility and delete it.

How to remove pop-up ads on your Android phone

If you need to get rid of ads directly in applications or games, then the fastest way to do it, and most importantly without root rights, will help you program DNS66. Note right away that you will not find it on Google Play, so you will have to manually download and install it from third-party sources. For example, you can find the current version of the program on a famous forum 4PDA.

And now you can move on to configuring the program:

  1. Open tab "Hosts". Here we see a list with the addresses of sites displaying ads. We recommend to set a blocking next to each address, except Adway hosts file. If everything is done correctly, then an icon with a shield will appear next to the addresses.
  2. Go back to the start page of the application and select "Run". The system initiates a VPN connection, thereby blocking ads in programs.

How to remove ads in Android apps

You can write your own DNS addresses if you want, but in most cases it is not required.

Remove ads from Google Play

Normally, ads from Google Play are displayed in the notification bar of your smartphone. To remove it from there, follow the steps outlined in these instructions:

  1. Open Play Market and click on the icon in the form of three bars to display an additional menu.
  2. Go to "Settings".
  3. Go to the tab "Notifications".
  4. Near the items "Pre-registration" и "Offers and discounts" move the sliders to the left. As a result, the indicator should go to the inactive position, i.e. change its color to gray.

Remove ads from Google Play on Android

Now you won't be bothered by any advertising notifications or recommendations.

Remove ads on the desktop

Advertising on the desktop is a rare phenomenon, which in most cases is caused by viruses. To detect malware, you need to install an anti-virus on your smartphone. One of the highest quality is Dr.Web. You can download it from Google Play.

Dr.Web Light antivirus
Dr.Web Light antivirus
Developer: Dr.Web
Price: Free

After installation is complete, open the application, provide the requested permissions and start scanning:

  1. Click on "Scanner".
  2. Choosing "Full check".
  3. Wait for the procedure to complete. If the antivirus detects threats, remove them by clicking the appropriate button.

Remove ads on the desktop on Android

Speaking of. Remove viruses from your Android phone is described in detail in one of our articles.

In some cases, after removal of viruses, the desktop ads do not disappear. The only valid option in this situation is to reset the phone to factory settings. The following instruction will help you to do it correctly:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Go to "Advanced settings".
  3. Go to the subcategory "Restore and reset".
  4. Choosing "Reset Settings".
  5. Press the button "Reset Settings".

How to remove pop-up ads on your Android phone

After performing these actions, the phone will turn off and then start up with the original settings. Naturally, this procedure will delete all data, including ads.

Removing ads from operators

Mobile operators can send their own ads, displaying them in the notification bar or in the browser. It's easy to get rid of such messages - just send a USSD request to a short number:

  • *152*0# - for Tele2;
  • *808*0# - for Megaphone;
  • *111*1212*2# - for MTS.

These numbers are only suitable for residents of Russia. Users from other countries need to clarify the information specifically for their mobile operator.

In many cases, you can also turn off advertising mailings in the mobile application of the operator. It's even easier to activate ad blocking in the settings browsers. A similar option is present in many web browsers, but few people know about it for some reason. For example, in Opera the blocking is activated as follows:

  1. Click on the browser logo in the lower right corner of the screen.
  2. In the window that appears, move the slider to the right next to the line "Ad blocking".

Removing ads from operators

This setup does not just make ad banners invisible, but removes them completely, leaving no gaps on the page.

Disabling browser alerts from sites

PUSH-notifications are one of the most common types of advertising today. Many sites and services use this mailing system to make money, offering the user the permission to send notifications. This type of advertising is easy to recognize: on the page in your browser appears a box with two buttons: "Allow" и "Block". When you select the first option, the person automatically allows the resource to send advertising notifications. Most often they come 5-6 times a day and are displayed in the notification curtain.

To disable PUSH notifications, you need to go to the browser settings and perform certain actions. As an example, let's consider disabling the advertising mailing list in Google Chrome:

  1. Click on "three points" in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Go to "Settings".
  3. Open tab "Notifications".
  4. Go to the subcategory "From sites".
  5. Move the slider to the left next to the line "Notifications". And now in the subparagraph "Allowed"Click on each of the sites and select "Clear and reset". Unfortunately, there is no way to automate this procedure.

Disabling browser notifications from smartphone sites

In other web browsers, the principle is not much different.

Video tutorial

Answers to popular questions

Q: How do I turn off ads when watching a YouTube video?
You can turn off ads on YouTube after you purchase a Premium subscription. You can also install a banner-blocking application on your phone, such as Ad Skipper for YouTube. This program automatically skips ads that appear when you watch a video.

Q: Do I need root rights to use Free Adblocker?
No, Free Adblocker does not require root rights.

Q: How do I remove ads in the system applications on my Xiaomi phone?
It is necessary to go to the settings of each program and uncheck the box next to "Receive recommendations".

To summarize, there are different ways to remove pop-up ads on Android. It all depends on the applications used and the model of the phone itself. The presented methods in most cases allow you to completely remove ad banners from your smartphone.