How to delete a page in kontakte (VK) from your Android phone

Some users, for a number of reasons, have the following question: how to delete a page in Kontakte via your smartphone. And this article will describe in detail how to do it.

Before answering this question, it's worth knowing what kind of app it is. The V Kontakte mobile app for Android is a smaller version of the site with a number of advantages.

  • First of all, in this app you can do VK stories.
  • Secondly, in older versions you can save cache musicand then listen to it without connecting to the Internet (the problem is solved by the official application from the developers of VK, specially for offline music.

Deleting an account using the app

How to delete a Facebook page from your Android phone

The developers of this application in both old and new versions of the software do not provide a function to delete your personal page from Vkontakte forever. This problem can be solved by accessing the site from a computer or mobile browser.

Deleting a page through your computer is a simple solution. But when an urgent deletion is needed for special reasons (hacked(a reluctance to communicate with a certain circle of people), fix the problem can a mobile browser. This method belongs to the category of fast options.

Delete a VK page via mobile browser

The mobile browser has both a computer version of the site and a mobile version. For each of these versions, there is a provision for removing the Vkontakte page. When you get to the Vkontakte site, you need to enter your login and password. Upon entering the page, to enable the computer version of the site at the bottom of the form you can see "Full version of the site".

You don't have to do this procedure.

It all depends on various human factors. Next, go to the "settings" tab from the main menu. In the window that opens, scroll to the bottom and find "delete your page". Next, a form opens asking you to specify the reason for deletion. After specifying the desired reason, you only need to click "Delete page".

Video instruction

How to restore a VKontakte page

After the "Delete Page" button is clicked, the deleted page opens with information about until what date the page can be restored and there is a "Restore" button. The site gives the user about six months to think about it.

The page is then permanently deleted. But, if a person has changed his or her mind about saying goodbye to his or her account forever, his or her friends, photos, audio recordings, interesting subscriptions, etc., you can easily regain access to your page by clicking the "Restore" button. You can do this using a computer, logging in to your page from it, or using a mobile browser.

Unfortunately, the Vkontakte mobile app doesn't allow you to restore a deleted account. When entering your username and password, the app won't let you in, informing the user of a login error.