How to enable developer mode on Android

How to enable developer mode on Android

Since Android 4.4 the way to some system functions has been hidden from view. This was done to protect Android devices from "craftsmen" who like to press unnecessary buttons and then complain that nothing works. Now this mode is hidden, and when you need, for example, to activate "USB debugging"., we are wondering how to enable developer mode on Android. To enable it, you only need to follow a couple of simple steps.

  1. Go to "Settings";
  2. Search for "About the phone";
  3. Next, you need to scroll to the bottom and find the line "build number", or "firmware version".

Updating information and editing non-working tips - 03/11/2018

How to enable developer mode and why you need it

How to enable developer mode on Android

Once an item is found, click on it seven times. On the fourth click, the system will give you a warning that there are still a few steps left before you become a developer. As soon as you tap 7, there will be a notification that you can now get to the previously hidden developer menu. Once you go back up a level, there will already be a "For Developers" item in the list. It can be hidden in the "Advanced Settings".

If you wanted to perform this procedure just to find out how to enable this mode in case, and you do not need it at the moment, it is better to hide it again. It is necessary to move the slider against the inscription, and then the section for developers will be closed.

This mode is needed in many cases, for example, when you want to Get ROOT rights on Android, or reflash the phone.