How to set up 4g (LTE) on Android

How to set up 4g (LTE) on Android

Fast mobile Internet has been the dream of every user for many years, and with the advent of the ultrafast 4G network it has become possible. Videos do not freeze, any file is downloaded in seconds, browsing sites with lots of pictures is a real pleasure. But how to set up 4g (LTE) on Android, and what should you know about this network before connecting?

Checking 4G compatibility

Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy the "fourth generation" connection. There are several obstacles: your mobile device or SIM card does not support LTE, or there is no LTE coverage at all in your locality.

Checking with the SIM card

For this purpose, there are special USSD codes, developed individually by each cellular operator. You can find out the combination that matches your SIM card on your operator's page.

A good program is considered to be nPerf. This utility is ideal for both computers and smartphones. The application relies on a unique algorithm to perform the most accurate speed test possible.

Known problems (errors) and their solutions

The most common problem, which occurs mostly with inexperienced users is the lack of mobile Internet signal.

The tariff is chosen correctly, paid on time, and there is coverage, but 4G still does not work. What is the reason?

  1. And the reason is the most banal: the item is disabled "Mobile Data.". You just need to move the slider to "On.", and then the Internet is instantly activated.
  2. Next problem: no access point. It happens that there is no access to a certain operator. In this case, you need to manually add this point, as we wrote above.
  3. And finally, let's leave the most trivial, but not unimportant factors: you simply forgot to pay the tariff or the SIM card has expired. To avoid these little troubles, don't throw away your tariff package and don't forget to look at your personal account provided by the operator.

Video tutorial

As you can see, setting up 4G Internet on Android is quite easy. By spending only a few minutes of your time. You can provide yourself with high-quality and high-speed LTE, which will come in handy even on long trips. Good luck with your connection!