How to connect a smartphone to a computer via USB

By connecting your Android device to your computer, you can not only delete and throw to it all the necessary information, but also update the system firmware to the latest update. In this article we will discuss how to connect your smartphone to your computer via USB as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Think about why you need this kind of connection in the first place.

How to connect a smartphone to a computer via USB

How to flash (update) your Android smartphone/tablet via computer

If the connection is necessary in order to reflash the device, it needs to be connected to the PC via USB. Then following all the instructions the flashing is performed.

To connect your smartphone for subsequent flashing, you need special drivers. Each device has its own, specific programs.

Video tutorial - Flashing via computer (ADB)

How to transfer a file via phone to computer

Now comes the moment when we can say with certainty how to connect your smartphone to the computer via USB. We connect in order to transfer files.

But in case you need to connect your device to a computer to transfer files, there are several options.

Transferring files to a PC via USB

  • Using USB

If you choose this option, it can help you synchronize your device with your PC at the same time. The information will show that the connection is established. The easiest way, connect it as a USB storage device. After this connection, the PC will show only one drive.

If the option "USB storage device" is not present, then choose the option under the name "Media device". But then, to get into the desired system, you will have to follow a completely different path - "Start", "devices and printers" and the name of the smartphone.

Transferring files to a computer via Wi-FI

  • Using Wi-Fi

If you are located near a Wi-Fi network, it will allow you to easily access the global network. To do this, you need to turn on Wi-Fi File Transfer Pro. This application is very convenient, because it copies the necessary files, directly from the browser. Even an old lady, who does not know how to use such gadgets, will understand what to do in this program.

Transferring files to a computer over the Internet

  • Synchronizing via the Internet

To synchronize your smartphone using the Internet, it is recommended to use so-called cloud storage, either stand-alone or using FolderSync.

After opening the memory of the device, you will see a huge variety of folders and files. DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT DELETING ONE OF THEM! These folders are created automatically by all the applications that were once installed on your device. In the same storage there are also cache files, which can even store offline maps.

Why can't the computer see Android via USB

After you have finished working with the device, you must select "Turn off USB drive" - this inscription will appear in the drop-down menu. Still don't forget that you will get the full list of features only if you have ROOT rights.