How to properly charge a new Android smartphone battery

A little digging in the World Wide Web, you can find a lot of advice on how to charge a new battery smartphone Android, both from experienced users and from beginners. It is because of "mountains" of information on the Internet, both right and wrong, it became well very difficult to decide the question; "how best to charge the Android phone?". This article will give an accurate answer, which is based on numerous tests and statistical data.

How to properly charge a new Android smartphone battery

Today's laptops, tablets, and phones run on lithium-ion batteries. But just a few years ago we were all using nickel batteries on their devices, which possessed so-called memory. It is the different production techniques and opinions on "proper" charging that have put a lot of myths in this area. Some argue that the best way to charge the battery is to first fully discharge it, and then not take it off the charger until it is fully charged to 100%. Others argue that this method will cause the battery to "die" sooner or later, and therefore it is best to always keep it charged at 40-80%.

Tips on how to charge a new smartphone battery

Constant charging of the Android phone

Constant charging of the Android phone

Regular charging is the first rule of a long-lasting charger!

It turns out that the half of mankind who keeps talking about the dangers of constant full discharging and charging was right. The fact of the matter is that from regular discharging to zeroThe depth of discharge decreases over time. We recommend that it not be completely discharged in order for it to last as long as possible.

Therefore, we can say that the first conclusion is ready: Even constantly discharging the phone to 50% can be dangerous for the battery. If possible, top up the battery level to 10-20%.

Can I leave my phone on charge at night?

Can I leave my phone on charge at night?

Don't leave your phone on charge - the second rule of a long-lasting battery!

As we said above, modern smartphones have lithium-ion batteries, and they turned out to be quite do not like constant and long recharging. So it is better not to torment such a sample with constant charging, but try to keep the charge level at 40-80%. So as soon as the battery is charged to the desired %, it is best to unplug the smartphone. Otherwise, the battery will not live a long and happy life.

Second conclusion: Do not use chargers at night, or use special chargers that turn off after a full charge to save energy. Then the battery will be well protected.

Full discharge of the phone batteryFull discharge of the phone battery

Discharge for prevention is the third rule!

Despite the recommendation not to fully discharge the battery, once a month it is still have to do. Of course, after the first few paragraphs this statement sounds contradictory, but in fact there, we are talking about regular full discharging and charging, and now we are discussing discharging only once a month. This is for the purpose of calibrating the charging unit. After constant recharging, the statistics are broken and the smartphone (Android) runs down faster than before. Therefore, once a month, the battery should "come to its senses", so to speak.

Conclusion three: carry out a full discharge of the battery once a month, but no more, for its full performance in the future!

Android battery - temperature norms

Complying with temperature regulations - the fourth rule!

Do not forget about the conditions in which the smartphone should be kept and of course along with it the battery. Increased temperature has a negative effect on the battery, and it certainly affects its service life. Do not let the battery overheat!

Fourth conclusion: do not overheat the device!

Naturally, if you have a brand new battery in your device, then even without observing everything that is written here, you will enjoy excellent battery performance for at least 2 years. So there's nothing fatal if you've sat or charged your pet to the max. But, if. heed the advice given how to properly charge a new Android smartphone battery, you can extend the battery life for several more years, which will certainly make you happy! Do not treat your device lightly, and it will thank you with a long and proper service!