How to unlock Android if you forgot your Google account

There are so many reasons why you can lock your phone. These can be a variety of reasons. For example, children have played, or some stranger has tried to get into your phone himself. What to say, even the owners themselves often forget what was the password or the pattern key. Let's try to figure out what to do in such a situation.

Resetting the settings

A topic about factory reset

This method is the most extreme measure, and all because after it, it erases absolutely all settings, data and files, even those that may be useful to you. In order to save at least some useful information in this case, you can remove the flash drive.

In order not to lose all the numbers in your phonebook, you can create a Google account and then enter all your contacts there. So in the event of a reset, you can sync your account with the service and restore all your lost data.

All phones on this system have the same resetting principle. A certain key combination is pressed. This is what will activate the system menu, with reset access. "wipe data/factory reset" is exactly what you should find in the menu that appears. Once you press there, there will be a complete reset of all settings on the device to those provided by the factory.

How to unlock Android if you forgot your Google account

But it should be noted that the combination of keys on each individual smartphone will be different. In order to find out exactly what combinations you need to press on your device, go to Google.

It is worth noting that you should pay attention to the battery level of your smartphone. It must be at least 60%. Otherwise, the device may simply not turn on.

Of course there are other ways to unlock your smartphone, and they usually allow you to save all your data. But they can only be used by a true professional, who knows a lot about this area. To do this, the smartphone is connected to a computer with special software installed. If the methods described above do not suit you, you can go to the service, where professionals will quickly unlock the device.