How to split the screen into two parts in Android

How to split the screen into two parts in Android

Do you like to combine two types of work on your phone? Do you want to communicate with your best friend and watch videos at the same time? It used to be impossible to do that, but With the release of the Android 7.0 operating system, multiscreen mode is now available, which saves you a lot of time. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to divide the screen into two parts in Android, what it gives, and what methods exist.

What is multiscreen mode and why do we need it?

Split Screen is an excellent multi-window feature first seen through Android N. This option Literally divides the phone screen into two windows, and allows you to work with them completely separately.

Multiscreening is most important for people with busy schedules, when you want to watch a movie and correspond with your boss. It is inconvenient and time-consuming to constantly switch between two applications, and If they are on the same screen, there is no problem.

Alas, Not all apps support the dual screen. For example, you can't do that with the built-in camera, nor can you do that with the phone book. If there is no multi-window feature, you will receive a corresponding notification from the specific application.

Example of a split on Android 7 and 8

Now let's take a look at what the split screen looks like. From the screenshots you can see that two evenly spaced tabs were obtained.

The app is freely available at Google Play, downloaded and installed in the standard way. The utility is completely free and does not require root rights.

There are a few videos on the app description page to help you understand the interface, although it is intuitive as it is.

But unfortunately, there are minuses, namely: The tool does not support the separation of absolutely all programs and games. In general, it stands out about 40-60 applications, which can be reduced in multi-window. Among them there are the most popular and in demand:

  • YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Viber, Wats App, Telegram;
  • Notes, Calculator, File Manager, Settings, video and audio players;
  • Documents, Translator, Word;
  • And other well-known services.

As you can see, the list includes even those programs that do not have built-in split screen support. So the program is cool, and we recommend it!

How to divide a tablet screen into two parts

In fact, it's the same hereAlthough many users think that multi-window is created differently on tablets. This is not true: with any Android device, you can use one of the above methodsand get a perfectly functioning multi-window environment.

The only difference is. are larger windows, based on the size of the display. Of course, here we see only pluses. Tabs will not shrink too much if the screen diagonal is From 7 inchesand you will be able to read all the information without unnecessary scrolling.

Video tutorial

As you can see, dividing the screen into two parts in Android is quite easy. You just need to follow our instructions and everything will work out!