How to change your Google Play account on Android

Google Play Market (Google Play) is the most popular marketplace or even a store of games, music, applications, programs and other content for mobile devices running on the Android system. But you can use it only if you have a Google account. But sometimes, the user needs to know how to change Google Play account. Perhaps your device was in the possession of another owner, or you just wanted to change your account to a different one.

3 ways to change your Play Store account

To change your account there are several ways, and each will be described in this article.

With the settings

How to change your Google Play account on AndroidFrom the beginning, you need to delete the existing account on the device itself. To do this you go to "Settings"and look for the tab "Accounts"Then click on the desired one. Next, a window will open with the account data. At the top of the screen, usually on the right, there are three dots, you need to click on them. Then select the action you need:

Now you need to go to Google Play and in just a few actions do what the program requires. You either create a new account or change the information in the old one.

Using Factory Reset

How to change your Play Store accountThis option involves performing a Factory Reset operation. The thing is that after running it, the smartphone will be returned to its factory settings. Despite the fact that we mention this method, still We do not recommend using it for the following reasons.

- It is possible that with this method you will simply delete all important files on the device.
- Also, If your device is not the native firmware, then there is a chance that after resetting, you will not get a "clean" android, but a completely useless piece of plastic.

Using Gmail

Change your gmail passwordThis is the easiest way to date. You just need to open Gmail. Then you need to go to the account that you use to sign in to Google Play, and look for the item to change the password.

After the password has been changed, You need to go to Google Playwhere the system will unambiguously ask you to log in from a new account, or from an existing account (i.e. the one with a new password).

In these three simple ways, you can do a fairly simple job of changing your Google Play account. This procedure, if you have a very complicated understanding of what's going on will last at most fifteen minutes.

Video instruction on how to change your Google Play account

If you have any other options on how to change your Google Play account on Android, however, we are always happy to hear it and add it to our existing list.