How to remove the headphone icon on your Android phone

How to remove the headphone icon on your Android phone

Even though wireless devices are now the most popular, people still use an ordinary headset. You can use it to listen to your favorite tracks or communicate via phone calls. But quite often a question arises: how to remove the headset icon on the Android phone? As a rule, this problem is faced by owners of different smartphones, and here the manufacturer of the device does not play any role at all. We will tell you about the causes of the problem, as well as break down all the popular ways to fix it.

Headphone icon lights up - causes

If the headphone icon appears in the status bar of your smartphone, it indicates that your smartphone is currently connected to a headset. But as practice shows, this is not always the case. As a result, you will not hear anything when playing music or videos. This will happen even if the phone is not paired with another device. First, we suggest that you consider the main causes of the problem. You may be able to find the best way to solve the problem on your own:

  • Mechanical damage. If the headphone icon appears on your phone after some incident with the device, it indicates that the connector itself is broken. For example, moisture, dust, crumbs and other debris could have gotten there. Also, do not exclude the possibility that when the smartphone was dropped, the contact was short-circuited, which is why the headphone icon does not disappear.
  • System error. This is the most common cause of the problem. The device simply could have malfunctioned, which affected the display of the headset in the status bar. You could have been listening to music and then removed the headphones from the jack, but as a result of the error, the indicator did not disappear. If this is the reason, you can fix the situation in seconds.

The headphone icon on the phone screen is lit - causes

As a rule, the headphones icon on the Android indicates that a serious error has occurred in the operation of the device. And here we should look for its cause, which can be connected with both mechanical and software parts.

Disabling headphone mode on Android

And now we will tell you how to remove the headphone icon from the status bar of your smartphone. Especially for convenience, the instructions are divided into two parts, depending on the cause of the problem. If you don't know what the error is really related to, test each option.

Fix mechanical problems

The headphone icon, which is associated with mechanical problems, can only be disconnected manually. You will have to try to remove all debris or moisture from the connector, and in an extreme case even apply a special agent. About everything in order and in detail.

Cleaning and drying the phone

The easiest way to remove dust and other debris from the socket is to use a cotton swab or toothpick. But never use metal objects (wire, screwdrivers) for cleaning. In this case, you can simply close the contacts, which will lead to a more serious damage. In this case, you will have to go to a service center or repair the device yourself.

So, simply insert a cotton swab into the connector and make a few rotational motions, trying to get rid of the dirt. And when the procedure is complete, we try to connect the headset and check the presence of the indicator light. If it remains after removing the headphones, it is not superfluous to reset the device.

But when water has gotten into the connector, it is highly undesirable to apply the instructions given here. So you can only do harm by pushing the liquid even further. It is much more convenient to use an ordinary hair dryer at low power. The stream of warm air will remove all moisture from the socket in seconds, and you will notice positive changes immediately - the headphone icon will stop burning in the status bar.

Using a special fluid

If you have been using your smartphone for a long time, you know that over time the contacts of connectors tend to oxidize. And in this case, neither a cotton swab nor a toothpick will help. On the Internet or in specialized stores, you can buy the product, which is a dispersed composition. It is designed to remove oxidation from chips and boards, but we can also use it to fix the problem.

FLUX-OFF to remove the headphone icon on your Android phone

The most convenient and affordable option is the popular product FLUX-OFF. You need to take just a few drops and add them to the headphone jack. You have to be very careful not to overdo it and create more problems. An ordinary syringe is suitable as a tool for cleaning the connector.

Resolving a software failure

There are no more ways to fix mechanical problems. And if the headphone indicator in the phone is still displayed, then the cause of the error is a system failure. And in this case you need to use the standard methods presented below.

Rebooting Android

The first thing that comes to mind is to simply reboot the mobile device. And this option should not be forgotten, because in some situations, such a solution can get rid of the problem. To restart the smartphone, you need to hold down the power key, and then in the menu that appears, select "Reboot". Confirm the action and wait for the phone to reboot.

Restarting Android to remove the headphone icon

In this case, for the efficiency of the procedure, you can try to restart the device with the headset already connected. And then, when the smartphone turns on, remove the headphones and check if there is a problem. If nothing helped, then repeat the action again, but only with an empty jack.

Resetting radio data, reflashing

If the phone still shows that it has headphones, try clearing the FM radio data. But this is not exactly a simple procedure, and before you start doing it, you should be sure to connect your headset to your device. Then start the application, which is used by default to search for radio stations. In it, click on the three dots in the corner of the screen, and then select "Turn on the speaker". Now do the same thing, but stop at the option "Turn on headphones".

Resetting the radio and reflashing to remove the headphone icon

Please note! The procedure may differ depending on the smartphone model. The device from Xiaomi is used as an example.

After manipulating the radio, open the phone settings and perform the following steps:

  1. Go to "Applications".
  2. Find the "FM Radio" program and go to the page with it.
  3. Press the button "Clear"and in the list that appears, check the option "Everything".
  4. Confirm the deletion of the cache and all information.

Resetting radio data

When everything is ready, you can remove the headset from the jack and check the icon. Almost always such simple actions help to get rid of the previously encountered error. As a last resort, you can try to reflash the device using a computer and a special program. You can also try roll back the system to a previous version.

Removing the SIM and memory card

This method does not have any scientific basis, but it helps many users to remove the headset icon from the Android screen. Everything you need to do is described in the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Turn off the device completely.
  2. Remove the SIM and memory card (if any) from the smartphone.
  3. Turn on the smartphone and check if there is a problem.

Removing the SIM and memory card to remove the headphone icon

If everything works fine, we put the SIM card back in.

Reset to factory settings

The last method involves resetting your smartphone to its original settings. When performing this procedure, you should be prepared for the fact that all data, including applications, photos and videos, will be deleted from the device. That's why it is initially desirable to create a backup copy, saving it in cloud storage or on your computer. And then do the following:

  1. Open the device settings.
  2. Go to "About the phone".
  3. Choosing "Reset Settings".
  4. View what will be deleted from the smartphone. Press "Erase all data", enter the password and confirm the action.

Reset to factory settings to remove the headphone icon on your phone

This manual is mainly for Xiaomi smartphones, and information for other devices you can check in our article.

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Answers to popular questions

Question: No sound on my phone, but the headphone icon is on - what should I do?
Use all of the methods presented in this article to fix the problem. The only reason there is no sound is because the system is sending it to the headphones. And they, in turn, are not connected. It is possible that moisture has entered the connector or a system error has occurred.

Q: Why does my phone always show a headset icon only after using a certain headset?
Most likely you are using a headset with a 4-pin plug, which is the cause of the problem. Try to buy other headphones with a standard plug, or even more convenient, connect a wireless headset.

Question: The headphone indicator appeared after dropping my smartphone, how to remove it?
In this case, as a rule, the cause of the error is a mechanical damage of the socket itself. The contacts may have been shorted or the connector may have been completely disconnected from the board. You can try to disassemble the smartphone yourself or contact a service center for help.

So, we looked at how to remove the headphone icon from the status bar of your Android phone. Carefully read the presented methods and try to remember after which case the indicator constantly began to appear.