How to increase the speed of the Internet on your Android phone

Modern smartphones have long ceased to be the usual means of communication. Now they can completely replace a desktop computer. You can use them to watch videos, correspond with friends, read the news, and browse the social networking feed. But all the convenience disappears at the moment when your favorite movie begins to slow down and slowly load. In such cases, the question of how to increase the speed of the Internet on the Android phone becomes relevant. Read about it below.

4 reasons why the Internet on your smartphone is slow

After conducting a series of experiments, experts have identified the main problems that caused Websites and videos load slowly. It is impossible to determine the exact cause for a particular smartphone, so it is recommended to approach the solution comprehensively. Remember, after what the Internet speed began to fall. Perhaps one of these causes will help:

  1. Low tariff plan operator (MTS, Tele2, Megafon, Beeline, etc.). This factor is suitable for slow transfer of mobile traffic. Analyze the selected tariff and the speed indicated there. It is possible that this Internet package does not provide fast loading pages, or the smartphone simply does not support function 4G.
  2. Memory overload on your phone. Check the amount of available storage space on your device. If you don't have enough memory, you may have problems loading web pages and videos.
  3. Low tariff plan of the provider. Here we are talking about the WIFI connection. Try to find out the promised speed of loading pages. This information is usually listed in your personal account or your contract.
  4. Constant updating of applications. With a large number of installed programs and with the auto-update function enabled, there may be problems with loading pages. This is caused by giving up most of the traffic to update applications.
  5. Poor signal reception. This problem is relevant when using the WIFI network.

Once you understand the underlying causes, you can move on to finding solutions.

How to find out the speed of the Internet on your Android phone

How to increase the speed of the Internet on your Android phone

In order to find out the speed of the Internet on your Android phone, there are many ways to do this. The most convenient is the use of specialized applications. For example, "Speed Test". You can download the utility from Google Play completely free of charge. After downloading, do the following:

  1. Let's run the application.
  2. We will provide the necessary permits for work.
  3. Click the button "Start" and wait for the end of the measurements.

The smartphone screen will display Inbound and outbound speeds traffic transmission.

What speed can be considered normal

The data transfer speed should be judged on the basis of the selected data plan. However, there are certain standards for different types of activity. For example, for video playback, the optimal value is considered to be 2.5 Mbps. And to browse websites - 1.5 Mbps. It is only possible to send an email by 100 Kbps. And in order to use online cards, the index must be higher 1.2 Mbps.

Below is a basic speed characteristic:

  • Low - 512 Kbps;
  • Not high - 2 Mbit/sec;
  • Average - 10 Mbit/sec;
  • High - from 50 Mbit/s or more.

How to enhance signal reception

4 reasons why the Internet on your smartphone is slow

If the signal level is poor, the speed of 3G and 4G as well as the WIFI connection may drop significantly. This problem can be solved both systematically and technically. Let's consider the first option, as it is the easiest and most effective.

First, let's install a special application - MTK Engineering Mode. Please note that the program only works with Mediatek processors. You can find out the heart of your smartphone using the utility CPU-Zor by reading your phone's specifications online.

After installation, do the following:

  1. Open the addendum.
  2. Go to "MTK Setting".
  3. Here we select "BandMode" or "Band mode".
  4. Click "SIM 1".
  5. In the menu that appears, check the items: EGSM900, DCS1800, WCDMA-GSM-900.
  6. Perform a similar procedure with the SIM
  7. Moving on to "Selecting the network", where we click "GSM Only".

These actions disable certain frequencies that affect the drop in Internet speed.

There are also some other ways to increase the speed of signal transmission:

  • Antenna connection;
  • Changing your cell phone operator;
  • Smartphone Re-vaccination;
  • Buying a new device with a better signal transmission;

Of course, these methods require some material investmentsbut their effectiveness is quite high.

7 easy ways to increase the speed of the Internet on your Android phone

Once you understand what determines the speed of the Internet, you need to move on to decisive actions to increase it. Here are the following most effective methodsThe following are some of the features that you can use to significantly improve the speed of the traffic transfer.

Method 1: Removing the apps that consume the most traffic

How to find out the speed of the Internet on your Android phone

Removing add-ons that consume the most traffic will affect your Internet speed quite effectively. This is explained by the fact that those same applications take the main flow of the Internet, thereby slowing down the loading of sites or videos. To find out what these programs are, you can do the following:

  1. Go to the smartphone settings.
  2. Go to "Data transmission".

Here you can track the traffic consumption of both WIFI and mobile data transfer. And by clicking on "arrow"You can view monthly, yearly, today and yesterday's statistics. Simply select the most "costlyThe "application and uninstall it. This will significantly increase the download speed.

Method 2: clearing the application cache

7 easy ways to increase the speed of the Internet on your Android phone

This method will noticeably speed up not only the Internet, but the whole Android system in general. It is recommended to clean the cache memory 1-2 times a week. So the smartphone will fly and load any sites. Below is a step-by-step instruction on this method:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Go to "All applications".
  3. A list of programs will appear on the screen. As a rule, the most "heavy" are in the beginning.
  4. Select the desired utility. We advise to follow the data from the previous method.
  5. Press "Clear cache", then confirm the operation with the "Ok".

It takes a long time to perform the cleaning procedure for each application. Therefore, you can use a special program. On smartphones Xiaomi и Samsung it is installed by default. Start the software, then:

  1. Select "Cleaning".
  2. Click the "Check".
  3. Scroll down to "Data files".
  4. Here click "Clear".

Method 2: clearing the application cache

In this way you can free up a large amount of memory in a few seconds.

Method 3: Changing mobile network settings

Method 3: Changing mobile network settings

Some smartphones have a traffic speed limit. You can solve this problem through your smartphone's settings. Go into them, then:

  1. Go to "Mobile networks".
  2. Here select "Settings SIM-cards".
  3. Click on the tab "Preferred type of network" and set the maximum value.

Thus, the smartphone will automatically select the fastest connection.

4G is considered optimal. With such traffic, it is possible to watch videos, read articles, and listen to music. Less high-speed Internet can not cope with these tasks.

Method 4: Using Internet Speed Master (ROOT)

Method 4: Using Internet Speed Master (ROOT)

The program has been on Play Market for quite a while now. During this period of time, it has received about 30 thousand positive reviews and more than 1 million downloads. As you can see from the name, to work with the utility you need to have ROOT-right. However, even without them it is possible to use the software. After downloading the application, do the following:

  1. Open the addendum.
  2. The window that appears indicates that the program may or may not speed up your smartphone. Press the "OK".
  3. If you have superuser rights, the button "Apply Patch". Click on it and reboot the device. If there are no ROOT rights, only one button will be active - "Improve Internet Connection". Select it.

Now the Internet on your smartphone should work faster. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the result, you can uninstall this program. In this case all changes will be lost.

Method 5: Using Internet Booster

Method 5: Using Internet Booster

A modern and simple program that works on most Android smartphones. The principle of its work is similar to the previous version. However, the effect of the application is slightly different. If it is difficult to decide on the most suitable utility, you can install each and To measure the speed of the Internet. Where it is higher, that program should be used. After installing the application, do the following:

  1. Open the addendum.
  2. Agree to the privacy policy by clicking "Accept".
  3. The program notifies you that you do not have root rights. If you have them, that's good.
  4. Click "red button"and wait for the end of optimization.

When the operation is completed successfully, a notification will appear on the screen. Press the "Cancellation" and check the speed of the Internet.

Method 6: Using Internet Speed Meter Lite

Method 6: Using Internet Speed Meter Lite

Convenient and easy to use program. After installation, the software automatically starts speeding up the Internet. But the main feature of the application is the ability to display the traffic speed on the desktop or in the notification bar. Thanks to this, you can check the speed of the data transfer at any time. After downloading, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the program.
  2. The work screen will show statistics on Internet usage for a certain period of time.
  3. Click on "three points" and go to "Parameters".
  4. Here activate the checkbox next to "Show download/transfer speed".

The notification panel will provide detailed information on incoming and outgoing Internet traffic.

Method 7: Surfing with Opera for Android

Method 7: Surfing with Opera for Android

Why this browser? Because it has a traffic-compression feature that makes pictures and heavy sites load faster. The following is also true Saves a lot of Internet. According to the developers - 50%. Simply install the app "Opera Mini" from Google Play. After launching, tap "Continue to".

A nice feature is the ad blocker already built into the browser. By clicking on "red circle"You can see the number of hidden ads, as well as the amount of saved traffic.

2 complex ways to speed up the Internet on Android

Note that the following methods are not suitable for every user. They require at least an average knowledge of how to use a smartphone. However, their effectiveness is much higher.

Method 1: Replacing the "Options" (ROOT) file

2 complex ways to speed up the Internet on Android

This method was published on one forum. According to the author, by slightly adjusting the network files, the speed of the Internet will increase several times. Having analyzed the comments to the post, you can note that the method does not work on every smartphone. You just need to try it out. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Download a document with the new connection parameters.
  2. Unzip and copy the file to your phone.
  3. Open a file manager. One that supports the system folder editing function is suitable. For example, ES file Explorer.
  4. Check the box next to the "Root-conductor".
  5. Move the document to /system/etc/ppp. Explorer may suggest replacing an existing file. If this is the case, we recommend backing it up.
  6. Click on the document until the parameters window appears.
  7. Here select "Properties".
  8. Uncheck all the checkboxes in the "Write".
  9. Confirm the changes with the "OK".
  10. Perform a reboot of your smartphone.

Check if the settings have affected your Internet speed. You can do this with the app "SpeedTest".

Method 2: editing the build.prop file

When you start your smartphone, the build.prop file is automatically analyzed. It is this file that sets the operating system rules. Of course it is possible to make changes in it, which will positively affect the speed of the Internet. With the help of editing you can remove the restrictions that affect the data transfer speed.

To do this, open the file system/build.prop through any notepad. At the very end of the text, insert the following code:

net.tcp.buffersize.default=4096,87380,256660,4096, 16384,256960

After all the manipulation, save the file and restart the device.

Video tutorial

Answers to popular questions

Question: How do I improve the speed of the Internet on my tablet?
The principle for increasing the speed on your tablet is the same as on your smartphone. Choose the method you like and follow the instructions.

Question: How do I increase the speed of my mobile Internet?
Increase speed mobile internet you can use any of the above methods. The options from the first part are considered the easiest.

Q: How do I increase the speed of my WIFI?
The most effective is method 2 of the series with complex methods. By performing these steps the speed will increase significantly.

Thus, after reading this article, there should be no questions on how to increase the speed of the Internet on Android. All the currently available methods have been presented here. Choose the most convenient for you and watch your favorite shows without brakes!

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