How to connect a selfie stick to an Android phone

The fashion for selfies, introduced into our lives entirely new devices that simplify the whole process of photographing, and that is why many are wondering how to connect a selfie stick to your Android phone. Selfie stick can be connected to the phone in two ways: with Using Bluetooth or a wirewhich is most often plugged into the headphone jack.

What should you do if you can't connect the monopod? Or it just doesn't work? Don't panic beforehand, because there may be a solution very simply!

How to connect a selfie stick to an Android phone

How to connect a selfie stick via Bluetooth

Remote shutter - is a special remote control that can communicate with your phone via Bluetooth. It is also suitable for normal Bluetooth monopod. It helps you control the device at a certain distance. You can then get great pictures by pressing just one button. If you don't connect this little accessory, the monopod will not work at all.

You can't have any other problems with the Bluetooth monopod. The main thing is to charge the stick and the remote control, and then connect them to each other, and then everything will work out. As a rule, you don't need to set up such a connection. Dealing with the remote is very easy, just select the button that you need for your device. Usually there are two buttons, one for Android and one for iOS.

Video Tutorial - Connecting a Bluetooth Selfie Monopod

How to connect a monopod to Android via a wire

In this case we are talking about selfies with a wire that plugs into the socket that is designed for headphones. To operate such a selfie stick No need for Remote Shutterand that's because the device is set manually. But this is the reason why most of the problems arise. There are specific devices that do not recognize the monopod, and the camera just does not see it.

For starters, after you've connected the stick to your smartphone, But it was not recognized by him.It is recommended that you try to check the tightness of the wire connection in the connector.

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Also, the buttons on your smartphone camera may not be prepared to work with a selfie stick, and this too can become the reason the device does not work. If they are the cause, you need to do a little work to help set them up.

  1. To begin, enter camera mode, and then you will need to click on the three dots located in the corner of the screen.
  2. Then go to the settings, which are usually indicated by a gear. There, you should select the general settings section.
  3. Then you need to change the volume key settings, and then after saving the result, you must return to the camera to make sure that the setting was successful.
  4. If you still can't connect it after all this work, try again, and make sure you save your result.
  5. If nothing has changed again, see the recommendations below (note the video instructions).

How to set up a monopod Android selfie stick - Video instruction

There are smartphones that do not have this functionwhich would help you reassign the buttons. Then the best way out is to download a camera app. There are hundreds of varieties of these nowadays, all you have to do is to choose the right one. Such applications generally do not need to be configured, it starts to function correctly by itself. But, in rare cases, you will still have to dig into the settings of the application, but there all much easier. Play Market (Google Play) - is the main store where you can find the apps you need.

Well, if this option does not suit you, then the reason is hidden in the firmware of the smartphone. The thing is that in the rarest cases, the smartphone I can't install the app. Then you will need to reflash the device. But be careful, if the device is under warranty, reflashing will void it.

Also, many may ask the screaming question, "the monopod for selfies on android does not work, what to do?" it may also not work if your device has its outdated version. This is one of the more common cases.

Monopod apps for Android

Below you can find a small list of the most functional and simple programs (applications) for your phone. We are not going to describe a lot of information about each application, and say only that all of them are really cool and very easy to use! And of course the following applications for selfies stick you can download for free from Google Play!

  • SelfiShop Camera
  • Camera FV-5
  • The Cellfie
  • B612
  • Retrica

How to connect a selfie stick to an Android smartphone

Also, when choosing a selfie stick, look in advance at its functional featuresIt may simply not be designed for Android devices. There are universal versions, there are those that are designed only for Android, and there are specially created for IOS.

Now you know how to connect the selfie stick to your Android phone quickly and without unnecessary movements. And now you can come to the conclusion that there can be several reasons why the selfie device does not work properly, but each has its own solution. It is important to know that the Remote Shutter is not always available in the kit. If it does not happen to be in your kit, there is no need to panic. It is sold separately, which means there is a solution!