How to reset Android to factory settings

Very often in questions concerning the configuration of Android sounds the phrase "How to reset Android to the factory settings?", or so to say abstruse - Hard Reset, in order to solve some problems. But it should be remembered that such a procedure deletes everything that was on the device, from contacts to personal data. But the memory card, called "external storage" will not be reset.

WARNING Make sure that all important data is saved on a separate drive before the reset process, all other data will be deleted!

Let's see below how this whole procedure takes place.

What is a reset on Android

What is a reset on Android

The settings are always reset to the factory settings, that is, the smartphone is rolled back to initial state. But most often the Android version remains as it was after the update. Everything from downloaded applications to phone book, photos, all passwords, etc. will disappear from the device.

Why reset to factory settings

This reset method (Hard Reset) is used when

  • the device is being prepared for sale;
  • we need to return to the state of "as in the purchase of", and it is the most convenient option. The need for this occurs when it has been used for a long time, something has been removed or installed. As a result, hidden garbage appears on the device, which slows down the system. Often a reset helps to solve the problem of Google Play Market.
  • In order to unlock your smartphone in case you can't remember the unlock key screen. But in that case you should not be in a hurry, and first it would not hurt to learn more about how to fix everything.

Preparing your smartphone for a reset

How to reset Android to factory settings

Below are the recommendations, try to read them carefully.

  1. All important information, photos, videos, documents, contacts, you need to move somewhere, PC will do. You can simply create a copy (backup).
  2. Check the battery level and make sure it is charged. There are models that will not be able to reset until the device is charged, it will not allow it to do so. And there are some models that will start the reset process and shut down due to a dead battery at the very peak of the reset. This can be detrimental to the device.
  3. On Android 5.1, you will need to delete your Google account before you can reset it. This is due to the new privacy policy rules. In this case, after resetting to the factory settings, the device will ask to enter the data. Without them it will simply be impossible to log in to the device, well, at least not easily.

How to reset Android to factory settings - 4 ways

There are four ways to do this.

  1. Using Recovery
  2. With the settings
  3. With "Phone"
  4. Using the secret button

Video instruction on how to reset

Resetting Android via Recovery

Resetting Android through the recovery

This method will be useful for those whose phone / tablet does not turn on at all, or hangs on the logo. This method will also work if you forget to graphic key. Simply put, if there are no more comfortable conditions for resetting, this is the way to go.

In order to enter recovery mode, you will have to disable the android so that all buttons and the screen do not work. To enter recovery, press a few buttons and hold. They are different for each device.

Resetting to factory settings on a Samsung

For Samsung, you need to press the "+" button on volume, "home" and power at the same time. If there is no "home" in any model, then this combination will be enough - "+" and simultaneously with this key "On". After the company logo appears on the faucet, the power button and release, and hold the rest until the system menu appears.

Factory reset on LG

LG models enter this menu in the same way as described above, except for the further steps. After pressing the desired combination, each user will see the company logo appear on the screen, and then the device must be turned on again.

The most common ways

  • The most common combination is the "-" key and the "Enable" button.
  • "+" on the volume key, then "home" and with them "On".
  • "+" and "-" on the volume buttons as well as "on" - this is the combination used by almost every Sony Xperia model.
  • The "on" key, simultaneously with "home" and "+" on the volume.
  • Increase the volume and press "on" at the same time.
  • Volume buttons at the same time.

One of the above ways will allow you to enter in the Recovery menu.

You can navigate this menu as usual if you have a touch screen. In other cases, use the volume buttons. Confirmation of actions in this case will be done with the power button or the menu button.

Next you will need to find - "wipe_data/factory_reset". Then confirm your intentions with "yes" button. After completing all deletions in this menu, you just need to press "Reboot_System_Now" and the system will close by rebooting. These menu items may be slightly different but, in fact, they have the same purpose.

Reset to factory defaults via the menu

Reset to factory defaults via the menu

This method is the easiest if you can go to the menu.

  1. Start by entering the menu, each device will have a different path to the settings, but we'll look at the most popular ones.
  2. Go to "settings". To do this, go to the menu and select the appropriate item. Did you find it? Then press "Restore and reset".
  3. On Samsung devices, you also go to the menu, look for settings, then "General", then "Privacy" (sometimes a little differently).

  4. In Huawei models - menu, settings, then go to "advanced settings", then you need to enter - restore and reset.

  5. In the menu where you find yourself, you need to look for the item - Reset Data.
  6. Once you click there, the device will warn you that absolutely all files and data, including accounts and passwords, will be erased, and contacts, pictures, videos, and more, will be deleted.
  7. After confirming, the device will ask you again if you want to change your mind. Then it will list exactly what will be deleted, and your task is to press the confirmation button. After the data is deleted the device will reboot.
  8. Many devices have slightly different menu names, but they are essentially all identical on an intuitive level. Although the above describes almost all of the menu names and the location of the item where you want to reset.

Code for resetting Android

Code for resetting Android

Another simple method, which is probably one of the easiest. Go to Dialer (where the buttons used to dial the phone number during the call are located). Then write the following one code below:

  • *2767*3855#
  • *#*#7780#*#*
  • *#*#7378423#*#*

Once inserted, the removal process will begin immediately.

Resetting with buttons

On many devices still There is a reset button. It is a small hole that looks like a needle or a toothpick. It looks like a small hole for a needle or a toothpick. You just need to stick it in this hole and press it for a couple of seconds (just like any other normal button). After that the device will return to the factory settings without any warnings or questions.

At this stage the question of how to reset Android to factory settings - can be considered solved, and as you can see there is nothing wrong with it. It is enough just to try, carefully read the above information and do your best to keep all your data intact.